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TRUiC’s New Podcast Startup Savants Provides Invaluable Resources for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Great news for millions of new and aspiring business entrepreneurs: Award-winning media company TRUiC (The Really Useful Information Company) is live Wednesday February 2nd at 1pm EST with their brand new podcast Startup Savants.  

TRUiC has been the Number 1 go-to information resource for Americans looking to open up new businesses across the country, with a whopping 5.4 million new startup hopefuls registered in 2021, according to the US Census Bureau. The online business startup hub provides free business guides, tools and resources to the public, and is now venturing into podcasting. 

The new show will feature entertaining and empowering interviews with a variety of guests, startup founders and inspiring people currently disrupting their industries. Hosted by long-time TRUiC dream team members Annaka and Ethan, the podcast is set to be an informative and fun dive into the world of entrepreneurship and business how-tos.   

Ethan and Annaka: Meet the Hosts of Startup Savants 

 “Whether you’re a startup founder or startup enthusiast, we can’t wait to share the stories and insights from entrepreneurs that are changing the game,” said Startup Savants co-host Ethan, who hails from Missouri. Ethan is Senior Project Manager at TRUiC and has major successful business ventures under his belt, which will contribute a wealth of business savvy and entrepreneurial perspective to the show. 

Ethan’s personality is infectious, and listeners will certainly enjoy digressions about his dog Norris, his crypto investments, what NFTs he’s been trading lately and just how many times he’s watched ‘Love Actually’ with his fiancéeTamara. 

He’s joined by co-host Annaka, Senior Graphic Designer at TRUiC, who has worked in the education sector as well as in customer facing roles. She has a passionate musical performance flair as well, all of which have helped her cultivate a pathos-driven approach to interviewing, with a desire and knack to draw out the human-side of founding, managing, and growing a startup company. 

“In addition to founder stories, Startup Savants will drop perspective episodes in which we take a deep dive into trending startup topics, from emerging industries to funding; we hope listeners will be able to fully immerse themselves within the startup space,” said Annaka.

Startup Savants: The Producers 

An exceptional team of industry experts head up the production side of Startup Savants. Michaela and Reyna are both TRUiC project managers with diverse skill sets, making them perfect for their roles as producers on the new show. 

Michaela is a writer and musician, and uses this creativity to launch, manage and grow startup-related projects at TRUiC. She enjoys cooking with her partner and watching ‘Love Island.’ Reyna is a digital media and content strategy whizz, and sticking to her ethos of combining humanity with technology, she aims to provide a well-rounded perspective on entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem on the new show. 

Assistant producer Brendan works as an In-House Editor at TRUiC and will contribute his love of storytelling and prior experience with Ann Arbor’s entrepreneurship spaces, to the Startup Savants team. His hobbies include reading, running, and hiking as well as shrieking on Karaoke Night. 

Maiden Show: Starting (Up) from the Top

Startup Savants can be found on Apple Podcasts or on any other suitable podcast platform. Starting off the maiden show will be podcast guest Sabrina Noorani, founder of Clear For Me, a product discovery tool helping increase transparency between consumers and brands. 

Noorani will be sharing information about her database, how she navigates business partnerships, and invaluable personal insight into her own journey to becoming a beauty tech entrepreneur. 

“We are super excited to get started with Sabrina Noorani – a great example of an entrepreneurial success story that I hope everyone will not only learn from, but also enjoy. Please let us know how we’re doing by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts, your support means the world to us!” Michaela said.

Startup Savants Geared for A Successful Run

Startup Savants is gearing up for a potentially super successful run in 2022. Perhaps with their diverse skills and focus on human interaction, interspersed with a bit of fun in-between, the show may even reach the popularity of podcasts like The Tim Ferriss Show, with its 300 million downloads. Whatever it may be, business-related podcasts will most certainly be the most popular podcast choice this year.  

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