TrueNose, The New, Permanent Non-Surgical Nose Job, Is Open For Business

TrueNose is a clinic located in Los Angeles, California, specializing in non-surgical nose jobs that last forever. Co-Founded by Menaka Sampath, the CEO, TrueNose is making its name known.

The head of the clinical department is Yale-educated Dr. Alexander Z. Rivkin, who is also an associate professor at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine. In one of his interviews, Dr. Rivkin said, TrueNose offers a permanent solution to self-confidence without requiring surgery. It’s a wonderful new option for so many people.”

The majority of people who opt for surgical rhinoplasty are dissatisfied with the shape or size of their noses. Being a very prominent part of the human face, the nose plays a big part in a person’s overall look. Sometimes, the shapes of noses are also affected by medical conditions or injuries. Such people have the option to rectify their situation with the help of non-surgical processes that have for several years been growing in popularity and replacing the conventional and painful surgical nose job.

Going through an easy and permanent non-surgical job is also a way better option if you have a fear of surgical equipment and anesthesia. There are several risks associated with the anesthesia used at the time of nose jobs. One might also feel drowsy and fatigued after waking up from the surgery. The pain is also a downside to surgical beautification procedures and a big reason why people avoid these processes. There can also be an issue of scarring or irreversible tissue damage.

Because these procedures involve the use of sharp medical tools, there is a greater risk of permanent nose scarring involved. Since all skin types are different, some people may fall prey to abnormal scarring or discoloration around the nose. Moreover, the sensitivity of nose tissue because of the trauma and pain may also increase, making it more or less receptive to outside stimuli.

The solution is simple and straightforward; those looking to aesthetically improve their nose should choose TrueNose. Until now, non-surgical nose jobs have only been temporary, requiring expensive touch-ups that render the procedure less economical than surgery. TrueNose offers the best of both worlds (the immediacy of non-surgical with the permanency of surgical). The experts at TrueNose can personalize your experience to match your needs and wants regarding the shape of your nose, and give you the best results ever.

TrueNose is intended to treat a variety of cases, including hooks, scooped noses, bulbous tips, and droopy tips. All in all, you can make your de-shaped or slightly crooked nose appear straighter than ever by using these fillers and changing your entire outlook.

You must be wondering – why and how is TrueNose the best option for those seeking to improve the look of their noses? Well, we have plenty of reasons to give you.

Dr. Rivkin is highly known for his non-surgical nose job services as he is the one who invented this revolutionary aesthetic procedure. As convenient as it may sound, a non-surgical nose job can pose serious threats if it goes wrong. Sometimes the filler injection may get administered at the wrong point, leading to potential necrosis or blindness. To prevent it, it is recommended that you always choose the most competent doctor and services, and what better place to find these would be other than TrueNose!

Secondly, with the non-surgical nose job services provided at the TrueNose clinic, you will enjoy instant results. This also allows the patient and the doctor to observe if the nose job is done right; otherwise, there’s always an option to fix things right away while they are still new.

One of the most worth mentioning features of TrueNose’s non-surgical nose job is ZERO DOWNTIME! You will not have to stay at the clinic waiting for your recovery; instead, you can go home right away without bruises or bandages.

Most important of all, TrueNose is budget-friendly, thanks to its flexible payment plan option. You can pay by monthly installments of $160 over a period of 36 months. This amount has 0% interest, too.

There is no doubt about the fact that TrueNose makes these procedures look like they are a piece of cake. And with the cutting-edge technology used at the clinic, you can now have the best results without investing your whole life’s savings into such a prospect.

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