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Trucking Career In 2023: How ICcouncil Certification Is Ideal For Transport Professionals

The job of a truck driver is as challenging as it is adventurous. It is also a big responsibility. The profession is highly demanding and Iccouncil understands that completely. If you are in the trucking industry and employ commercial drivers, it becomes very important for you to educate and train them regularly. And if you are a driver, it is your prerogative to stay updated on the latest and the most current guidelines that are issued by the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration concerning your conduct, safety measures you should take, and the level of skill you should attain before you can function as a commercial motor vehicle driver. There is a lot that goes into running or working for a successful transportation company as an owner and driver respectively. The most basic and essential aspect is the education and training of commercial drivers. 

The Commercial Driver’s License Training Program And Beyond 

This is the most fundamental training program that every individual who aspires to become a commercial truck driver should enroll in. This is only the starting point. Ongoing education is essential if you want to keep yourself updated on any regulatory changes, the introduction of new technology, and the best driving practices that are constantly updated by the Department of Transportation.

Continued education and training are also essential for all commercial drivers if they want to ensure higher fuel efficiency in the vehicles that they drive and maintain stellar safe driving practices throughout the year. It is beneficial for transportation companies because it ensures that there is minimal wear and tear on the vehicle as well.

ICCouncil certifications for transportation professionals are a perfect way to keep your commercial motor vehicle drivers, supervisors, freight personnel, and various safety-sensitive position holders well-educated, up-to-date, and trained in the most sophisticated manner.

Why Do Transportation And Logistics Companies Prefer Well-Trained And Certified Drivers Only?

If you want to succeed as a commercial motor vehicle driver and if you are serious about your career in the transportation industry, you must think about getting yourself educated and professionally trained. Employers are looking for drivers who have gone through the minimum training necessary and have acquired other relevant certificates. This helps them excel at their jobs. The following section talks about how these training certifications make a huge difference in the overall skills and qualifications of aspiring and existing commercial motor vehicle drivers and why employers prefer only them:

Safety Record Up To Date

Well-trained and educated drivers have not only academic knowledge but practical experience as well. They have spent enough time on the road and have already encountered several challenging situations. These drivers combine their acquired knowledge with field proficiency to maintain the highest level of safety standards in an organization.

A Higher Degree Of Efficiency

The level of efficiency that trained drivers display is exemplary. They have a deeper understanding of the most efficient routes to take in addition to having the most updated techniques for loading and unloading complicated cargo as well. This ensures cost savings in the long run for the logistics company. It also ensures improved delivery times for your customers leading to a better reputation in the industry.

Greater Reliability

The right training and certifications turn commercial drivers and safety-sensitive position holders into a highly reliable resource for the transportation company. Because they have a far better understanding of the various job requirements that they are needed to fulfill, they can deliver on their responsibilities more efficiently. This means that the trucking service becomes more efficient and reliable.

Increased Job Satisfaction

This actually works both ways. A highly skilled, educated, qualified, and well-trained driver is able to fulfill his responsibilities more easily. Because of his acquired expertise, he is able to deliver better service to the company. This enables them to obtain a higher degree of satisfaction through their job. The company benefits from the expertise of the driver tremendously and the outcome is better productivity and more perks for the driver in the long run.

Ability To Transport Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials handling and transportation is also one of the critical subjects that the leading certification courses for transportation professionals offer these days. It is not just essential but mandated by the Department of Transportation. If as a trucking company, you are in the business of transporting hazardous materials as defined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the various classes and categories that it talks about, it becomes important for you to register your drivers and safety-sensitive position holders for the relevant training course modules. The certification and training can be acquired online which makes it even easier for you to maintain DOT compliance throughout the year.

Maintaining Drug And Alcohol Compliance

If we are talking about DOT compliance, it is not wise to leave out drug and alcohol regulations training under any circumstances. According to the US Department of Transportation, every driver and safety-sensitive position holder should be educated and trained about the use and abuse of alcohol, drugs, and all other controlled substances in the workplace. The use of any such substances is strictly prohibited under the federal law. This also comprises supervisor training where the supervisors working in a trucking and logistics company are trained to identify the signs of drug and alcohol use and abuse by workers, employees, and drivers within the organization. This training is important because it eliminates the chances of anyone using these substances and as a result, putting the safety of everyone and the reputation of the company in jeopardy.

Upholding The Hours Of Service Regulations

This is a very basic yet critical requirement that all drivers are supposed to follow. The basic requirement is that every driver operating a commercial motor vehicle is required to be on duty for a predetermined number of hours. Anything more than that is only going to compromise their motor skills and efficiency. After that time window, the driver is supposed to stop driving. They are required to rest for a specified number of hours. As a trucking company, you are at liberty to set any additional limits and exercise a higher degree of strictness with regard to this rule.

Final Thoughts

A highly educated, skilled, and well-trained driver is aware of all these requirements. The ICCouncil’s certification courses for transportation professionals stress the importance of all these aspects. The curriculum is designed specifically for commercial motor vehicle drivers and safety-sensitive position holders. To all the aspirants out there looking for a job in the trucking industry, this is the only way you can have a productive and adventurous career.


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