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Trucker Tech Which Is Critical To Performance and Safety

When it comes to trucking companies there are two absolutely critical factors which they are focused on, safety and performance. Whilst the advancements in truck design and engine manufacturing can support this, there is also a heavy dependance on technology which these companies are able to use. This kind of tech helps the company, the driver and even a trucking company accident lawyer should any incidents occur. Let’s take a look then at some of the tech which these companies rely on, and how they are able to help when it comes to performance and safety.

Trucker Cameras

One of the more recent introductions to trucks has been cameras, which can be mounted on the dash, facing the cab, in the truck itself protecting cargo and rear-facing. The main reason for these cameras is to very quickly identify what has happened following an accident, but there are other benefits too. For example, a driver’s behavior can be monitored, a company can react quickly if a driver is caught up in any trouble, and it is also a deterrent to anyone who considers stealing the cargo.

GPS Trackers

When many of us hear of GPS we think of mapping, which of course is a critical function for truck drivers. There is much more that GPS trackers are able to deliver, however, which can greatly improve the performance of the driver and the vehicle. These trackers use sensors that report back data to the company, regarding how the truck is driven, the condition of the truck’s parts, and even the amount of idle time between deliveries. Using this data trucking companies can manage drivers, increase safety and also better manage their maintenance schedule to ensure the truck is operating to optimum levels.

Handheld Devices

There aren’t many industries around the world that don’t depend on computers, and trucking is no exception. Handheld devices are used commonly throughout the world of logistics and since their introduction, they have played a key role in speeding up deliveries and invoice confirmation. Using a handheld device a driver can easily track items, check off goods and cargo, communicate with customers, and ultimately increase productivity through faster task management.

Collision Mitigation Technology

Trucking may not be the main cause of accidents on the road, but they are greatly overrepresented when it comes to fatalities from accidents, owing to their heavy loads. This is why collision mitigation technology is used by so many trucking companies, which helps to evade major collisions. This technology is still relatively green but it has been used successfully by some of the world’s largest haulage companies. Quite simply the technology uses sensors and cameras to detect a potential impact and then automatically takes evasive action to minimize the damage caused by the accident.

These are just 4 technologies that are key to helping trucking companies to improve their performance and increase safety levels for both the drivers of the truck and for other road users.

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