Trivver – The Next-Generation Extended Reality (XR) Advertising Platform

Advertising is one of the most basic things a company does for its development. With advertising, people find out about different products, their features, and the usability. Good public advertising is what a company needs to develop and prosper in the market.

Advertising enables sellers for effectively competing against each other for the same products. One can never get their products to stand out among many unless they create an awareness for it. In 2017, the market capitalization of the advertising industry was almost 550 billion USD.

Advertising in extended reality environments

The most unique advertisements catch the highest attention of people. Nowadays, advertising on boards or posters is not as effective as advertising in the virtual online world. Recently, there have been developments in the virtual reality world. Virtual reality is beginning to take over a lot of fields in computer and technology. There is no major platform providing advertising opportunities in the extended reality environments except Trivver. Trivver is the only and one of the most simplified platforms to provide advertisements to companies.

What is Trivver?

Trivver’s technology gives ad agencies a chance to create and run ad campaigns, on their own, in the extended reality or virtual world. The technology uses target audiences in the extended reality environments by integrating 3D modules for the brands. These modules are called Branded Smart Objects and are placed in the virtual reality for the users to see.

Why Trivver?

Trivver provides a unique opportunity for advertisers. Any product that is advertised using Trivver will have an exact replica of it in the virtual reality. The products are put in a natural scenario and the advertisement is subtle. It does not seem forced and different advertising agencies can use this to show different uses for their products.

There is a feature of Smart Tab which is a slide out panel. It gives users a place to discover details about the products and more about the XR brands. The Trivver mobile app is used to engage in the extended reality environments. From the app, a user can directly buy or download discounts for later use.

Trivver can be really useful as it is not like the pop-up ads or pre-roll videos that are often ignored. Trivver gives users the power to see and engage with the product in an alternate reality. It is really easy to use as one can buy the product right after seeing it with just one click.

The extended reality publishers and developers of VR, AR, MR or 3D games can benefit from the additional ad revenue. Some products or services like hotel rooms or properties can be easily viewed without actually going to the site.


With Trivver, ad agencies can reach audiences worldwide in a whole new way. This will also give the users a better idea of the products before they buy it. Trivver is available to limited agencies as the application is still being refined. As Trivver will roll out with its finished products for everyone to use, it will take over the advertisement industry and will revolutionize it. The products that will be advertised here will definitely gain better exposure and stand out easily. Trivver will be the new way of advertising in the coming time.

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