Trivver – 3D ads Embedded in Extended Reality Environments in a natural, non-disruptive format.

Modern computing power and graphics engines have opened the doors to a reality we once only saw in movies. Starting from very big, bulky headgear, we now have very efficient gears and other devices that take us away from our reality and immerse us in a synthetic one.

At first, it was Virtual Reality, where a completely new audio and visual environment was created. The technology creates realistic images, sounds and even other physical sensations that convince our mind that what we are seeing and experiencing is real.

Then as computing power improved such that a real-time interaction could be done, the next evolution came, known as Augmented Reality. AR used a simpler concept of using actual reality and superimposing images, audio and texts to create an extension of the real world to supplement it. Pokemon Go is an example of an AR game.

The third iteration is Mixed Reality, often called hybrid reality too. The is just connecting VR and AR, since in AR, the virtual and the real world do not interact. MR allows the synthetic information (visuals and audio) to interact with the real world.

Trivver, Connecting All Three

Tirvver is a blockchain based advertising platform that uses an emerging form of reality that combines the best of VR, AR and MR. This umbrella of realities is called Extended Reality. XR connects synthetic and actual reality by all forms of means, allowing interactions between the two at a level not seen in any reality, actual or synthetic.

Trivver, with its unique ability to combine all the three variants, has created an advertising platform that is non-intrusive and friendly. The current advertising industry is facing huge issues in the digital age. Over cluttering, fraudulent ads, annoying pop ups, video interruptions, growing concern of user data tracking and the constant war between ads and ad blockers is spiraling out of control.

With the ad industry growing beyond $80 billion per annum, dependency on traditional methods of digital advertising is leading towards a collapse, where user will is becoming annoyed to a level where they are actively pursuing search for alternative platforms which are ad free.

Trivver, as an XR platform, believes it has found the perfect solution to the problem. Rather than develop a platform that offers an ad free experience, which would lead to the disruption of ads and loss of billions of dollars, affecting families and individuals by depriving them of a job, the platform embraces ads.

What Does Trivver Do?

The XR platform enables advertisers to create ads that are integrated within the daily life of users. Rather than have an ad that runs on the forefront of the screen, Trivver can have the add displayed as a small notice, which the user can click and it will disseminate information regarding different offers, social media content and other news.

The platform also gives advertisers significant leverage by creating a single 3d shape that would represent the ad. Its virtual shape would be adapted in size, color, lightening and orientation so that it would blend seamlessly in different environments, making it more natural and non intrusive. With ads that are living within the environment, rather than pop out or be an eye sore, it will allow ad creators more exposure to users and a higher degree of response.

The data collected about users will also show an insight into consumer behavior that only XR is capable of. For example, if a mug is used to show a coffee ad, publishers could get more data on which kind of a customer would prefer to watch the ad in what environment.

On the other side, the non-intrusive ads would help smoothen the XR experience for target consumers. Users will spend more time doing what they like, increasing the number of times an ad could be run, or the total number of ads in absolute. Users who watch the ads will be rewarded by monetizing their precious time.

By doing this, Trivver creates an ecosystem of extended reality where ad creators, publishers and consumers can peacefully co-exist, without the need to resort to ad blockers and counter measures.

Trivvor’s Future Success

Consider the facts about synthetic realities:

  • It took 48 hours for Amazon and BestBuy to sell their stock of Samsung Gear VR.
  • 200,000 developers are registered and creating content for Oculus.
  • More than a 100 games on Oculus are already available.
  • 205 billion dollars worth of revenue is expected from different reality’s version by 2021.

All these factors indicate a strong and ever increasing demand for VR, AR, MR and XR overall. Trivver has placed itself in a perfect position to capitalize on the expanding market. By providing tools and services for ad makers and publishers to reach out to potential customers in a way that is not annoying or irritating, the advertising market is ready to boom with its help.

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