TripLeverage – a Business Travel company is launching its own Token

TripLeverage is bringing your extra convenience in business travel while sorting out the most prevalent issues clouding the space. Launched in 2020, the business travel platform incentivizes bookings by rewarding businesses and other users for every booking. TripLeverage differentiates itself from other platforms as 100% of revenue generated will buy and burn its tokens from circulation.

It is common knowledge that planning for travel is always a hassle. As a traveler, you are bound to face several issues during the process, increasing the frustrations you experience. TripLeverage is here to eliminate these obstacles to provide you with seamless services that reduce the stress you would have otherwise gone through.

Its services are free, prompting you to pay only during bookings. All you have to do is sign up for free and stand a chance to earn 50% in tokens for the revenue coming from the trip expenditure. Another 50% will go to buying and burning its tokens.

The platform recognizes the growing potential of business travel, which helps businesses grow their activities while exploiting their profits. However, it wants to bring a fresh outlook of the sector by maximizing the availability of advanced technology.

What to Expect from TripLeverage

TripLeverage’s vision is to enable companies with the tools to provide users with the elasticity and convenience they need without sacrificing control. Likewise, its mission is to provide travelers with a seamless travel experience through technology and responsive human customer support.

Its services include flights, accommodation, car renting, trains, and business events. It surmounts to users managing everything concerning their travels at the comfort of their computers or mobile phones through trustworthy means. Besides, it helps to solve the problems faced by small and medium businesses in travel arrangements.

That being said, why should you go for TripLeverage? Here are a few reasons to work with:

An Extensive Travel Inventory

TravelPerk is the platform behind the running of TripLeverage. It provides a worldwide inventory of transport and accommodation under its roof. TripLeverage will conduct direct negotiations on rates to present travelers with the best deals as a travel agent. Moreover, it is an added advantage since the platform is a certified travel agent and can receive exclusive deals during booking.

A Jack of All Trades

TripLeverage offers all the necessities of travel under one roof, improving the efficiency of online travel arrangements. All the services listed above are available on the platform, adding to all of your travel information. It also means that you still have a convenient way to handle your trip despite your location during travel. And lastly, get all your travel reports and expenditure on one invoice and pay a single service provider.

Saves You Time and Money

As said earlier, having all available information concerning travel under one roof is efficient, but most importantly, it saves you a lot of time. You can set up deals for your company and start enjoying 34% off hotel rates. Additionally, TripLeverage believes that VAT recovery is your right, enabling up to 20% savings on your business expenditure.

Travel policies

A travel policy increases your accountability to follow the regulations set in place during travel. Whether it is a corporate trip or a single employee, it helps you keep an eye on travel expenses. It also protects the employees, ensuring travel safety for everyone.

TripLeverage enables a company to set up its travel policies during sign-up for free. Instead of having the platform manage your movements, you can experience the freedom you need while staying on budget. Unrestricted policy means that travelers can book whichever transport or accommodation they want. Strict policies mean a traveler needs to wait for the approval.

TripLeverage Incubation by BitBook

To gain the most out of business travel, BitBook has incubated TripLeverage as its first project into the sector. BitBook’s founders wish to transform the travel space by implementing ways for users to earn passive income.

For TripLeverage, BitBook is an advisory and a funder of its steps towards evolution. First, it will enable a successful launch of TripLeverage’s fair launch ILO on Unicrypt. Furthermore, handled the creation of a smart contract and its auditing, conducted by QuillAudits. There was also a KYC screening and team verification by Solidproof.

Soon, BitBook expects unprecedented growth for both its platform and TripLeverage. The platforms are looking forward to the ILO set to begin on August 23, hence selling all the TLT tokens in circulation.

If you wish to participate, check for more information and interact with the TripLeverage community on Telegram.

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