Trino is the First Social Trading Platform: Interview with Robert Flohr, CEO of Trino.

Social Trading Platform Trino empowers traders and investors to copy trades regardless of their home exchange or brokerage, and share blockchain-verified track records for ultimate transparency. Robert Flohr, CEO of Trino will be discussing Trino Platform with us in this interview.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

My name is Robert Flohr. My background includes a period in academia, primarily as a dean at Princeton University. Six years with McKinsey and Co, including time as the Global Head of Recruitment. I have spent over 20 years living and working in London as a management consultant/strategic advisor and as an executive search professional, including Global Head of Financial Services at Korn Ferry. In recent years I have become increasingly involved in fintech projects globally, both as a board member and as a senior advisor to emerging innovative companies.

2) What is Trino, what is social trading and does it work ?

Trino is a unified crypto and fiat social trading and investing platform with track record on the blockchain.

Social Trading allows investors to follow the trading strategies and performance of traders, while additionally allowing them the ability to mirror or replicate their chosen strategies and techniques. Research shows that, on average, investors who use copy trading, trade in higher volumes and have a higher chance of winning than those who do not. Of course, it matters greatly if the traders making their strategies available for copying possess the required experience and expertise as well as the performance records to back it up.

3) What are the unique features and Services you provide at Trino that make it different from other trading platforms?

Trino has a multitude of features and advantages, but above all we have created an environment of transparency and trust where the expertise and past performance of traders and their strategies can be independently verified. All trade records are saved on the blockchain for verification and confirmation at any time. With Trino, investors can dramatically increase their chances of success by copying traders with established and verified track records.

Trino also aggregates crypto trading data across the top exchanges to create greater liquidity and more efficient pricing. The platform will connect to major fiat markets including FX, futures and equities, and allows its users to place and manage trades, run strategies, track portfolios and access news and analytics.

4) What is the market size of crypto trading and investing and how big is the demand for a platform like Trino?

As much potential as crypto markets have, they still pale in comparison to the depth and size of fiat markets. One of Trino’s unique features is that it will provide access to both crypto and fiat markets. Trino will serve retail clients across markets with capitalisation and turnover in trillions of dollars. The demand for the services Trino offers, is quite significant and is likely to grow with the development of technology. Its unique and revolutionary applications such as in the field of AI and more, uniquely position Trino for growth as we address the real, strong and growing demand in the years to come.

5) At what stage of development is the Trino Platform and what is next on your roadmap.

We have spent over a year in technology design and development and we expect to have a full release ready for deployment by mid-2020. We will have the prototype released in the coming two to three months.

6) Do you have any investment and partnership opportunities you will like to share with us from Trino?

We plan to develop partnerships with solutions providers, crypto exchanges and fiat platforms, as well as to integrate popular third party trading applications. In fact, we are currently finalising the details of one such partnership which we look forward to announcing very soon. Some portion of our capital raise will be through an STO process to be completed over the next six months.

7) Crypto exchanges and trading platforms are high targets for crypto theft, how secure  is Trino?

We treat security very seriously and take significant measures to protect the network against hacking and other threats. We will not hold client funds, so the risks with Trino are significantly lower than with exchanges and other custodians.

8) Tell us about your team and customer support?

We are a strong team of over 25 people and we are looking to grow our team more, and strengthen our existing team in the coming weeks and months.

9) Do you have more information for our readers?

We strive to use the promise of blockchain technology to foster an environment where trust and transparency will help create an opportunity for those with unique skills and rare talents to shine and be successful. We hope your readers will join and partner with us to help make Trino a reality.

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