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Listen up music lovers and Youtube addicts, I’ve got some good news for you!  I was browsing through Product Hunt and there’s an awesome new online tool called Download Bazar that lets you easily trim down those lengthy Youtube videos into just the bits you want, and even convert them into nice little mp3 files you can load up on your phone. As someone who’s constantly downloading videos to pull audio clips for my various podcasts and radio segments, I gotta say Download Bazar has been an absolute godsend for me these past two days especially with the YouTube video to mp3 trim functionality it provides.

So what makes Download Bazar so special? Well for starters, unlike a lot of shady websites promising free Youtube downloads, Download Bazar actually delivers. The interface is super clean and easy to use – just paste in a Youtube link, drag a couple sliders to select your start and end time, choose mp3 or mp4 format, and boom! Download Bazar works its magic by trimming and converting your video quicker than you can say “Fair use doctrine.” No sketchy extra software or headaches required. The best part is it’s totally ad-free!!

And get this – since Download Bazar lives in the cloud, it can handle even lengthy high-def Youtube videos without choking. I’m talking about converting 3+ hour podcasts and concert footage into crisp mp3 files ready for your listening pleasure. Other online converters just spit out grainy, glitch-ridden audio that sounds like it’s coming through a tin can. Download Bazar actually maintains sound quality even when trimming and compressing. Beats the heck out of manually editing videos myself like some kind of pilgrim!

But wait, there’s more! Download Bazar isn’t just a Youtube trimmer and converter. I personally get a lot of use out of grabbing audio from conference talks and DJ sets to sample in my radio show. Oh, and Download Bazar plans to launch a feature that lets you grab entire playlists off these sites too – none of that one link at a time nonsense. We’re living in the 21st century, people!

And the best part? Download Bazar lets you do all this for free! Well, mostly free anyway. To get mp3 conversion and HD quality formatting you gotta upgrade to their reasonably-priced subscription tiers. But heck, a few bucks a month is worth it in my book for the hours Download Bazaar has saved me in editing time. The basic video trimming features are still gratis though, so you can test the waters before splashing out any cash.

Let’s chat specs for a sec, shall we? Download Bazar can churn out files in crisp 720p and sparkling 1080p quality in both mp4 and mp3 format. Audio bitrates go all the way up to 320kbps for premium members. And wifi permitting, conversions are usually done in 5 minutes or less thanks to Download Bazar’s beefy cloud servers. Much better turnaround time than my old laptop, that’s for sure!

Alright, no product is 100% perfect though. My one nitpick is Download Bazar maxes out at 10 hour processing time per file for free users. Occasionally I wanna trim clips longer than that from my favorite 12 hour KEXP live stream archives. But realistically, 10 hours covers what 99% of people would ever need converted or trimmed. Can’t complain too much about such an awesome free service!

So if you’re looking to easily edit and convert Youtube and other streaming media to mp3 or mp4 format, I can’t recommend Download Bazar enough. Stop struggling with downloading sketchy desktop software or trying to figure out command line gibberish. Let Download Bazar take care of the heavy lifting so you can actually spend time listening to and enjoying your audio and video, not stuck endlessly trimming it yourself.

Take the plunge and visit today to start enjoying easier media editing.


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