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Tried and Tested Digital Marketing Tips for Home Services

Gone are the days of word-of-mouth. Now, more than 90% of business-related searches occur on the internet. If the business owners will show reluctance and don’t adapt to the change, they are sure to get buried in the soil. Doesn’t matter which industry they belong to. According to the latest data from Forbes, more than 29% of businesses still don’t have their business websites. Losing on huge opportunities available online.  

This article will provide a tested framework for digital marketing for home services professionals or business owners running home service companies. You can either implement these on your own or hire a digital marketing agency that will do it for you. Either way is fine, but your efforts or money should bring in results. 

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips that Home Service Business Owners Must Know!

Here are the top 5 digital marketing tips that home service owners must know about. Following these online marketing tips, you can grow your business at an exponential rate. 

  1. Video Creation
    Humans are visual creatures and videos are the most consumed form of content. As a home service professional, you can create and share information and tips related to your business. You don’t need to give everything away. You can share what you’re comfortable with.

    In the initial phase, you don’t need professional cameras or a microphone. A smartphone with decent camera quality will work fine. There are many free video-sharing platforms where you can share your knowledge and expertise. Below are some popular free video-sharing platforms relevant to home services marketing.

YouTube – It’s the second most popular search engine after engine. Earlier, this platform was just used for sharing long-form content but now they have included short videos.

Vimeo – Vimeo is the second most popular video-sharing platform. Allowing all types of video sharing on its platform.

Facebook – Earlier it was just a social media app to make friends and share the post share photos. Now there is so much one can do on Facebook. Be it sharing short videos, long videos, or going live. 

LinkedIn – Every business must have its business profile. Linked is a professional platform for business owners and job seekers. You can expect a lot of leads from LinkedIn. The platform can also be handy when you are open for hires. 

Twitter – Twitter is a micro-blogging platform, it’s a great platform to promote offers, discounts, and incentives for your home services that will improve results and social media marketing efforts.    

  • Blog Writing
    Though, the videos are the most shared and viewed form of content. There are many people who like to learn through words. The blogs on your website are a great way to show your expertise, increase your ranks on search results, and, build a brand and overall online presence.   
  • Developing Gated Content
    Gated content is a type of content that is protected behind a wall. To access the content users have to subscribe to an email list or pay a small amount. Gated content is one of the best content marketing strategies to develop an email list and get dedicated readers that may get interested in services your services.  
  • Content Promotion Via Email Marketing
    Once you have created an ample amount of high-quality content in the form of videos, blogs, infographics, and short videos. You need people to see or read your content. Here we will talk about how to grow your audience using email outreach.
    Make a list of your past customers.
    – reach out to them, and let them your upcoming content.
    – Announce the release of your blog.
    – Make your list personalized and indirectly urge them to share your content. 
  • Local SEO
    Local SEO is all about adjusting your titles, headings, and content overall in your geographic area of service. Local SEO is a powerful strategy to appear first on search results when localities are searching for home services.   

Hope you liked these digital marketing strategies for home services businesses. Let me know in the comments what marketing tips you would implement in your home service business.

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