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Trevor Harwell Explains the Importance of Solving Higher Education Data Problems with Technology

Trevor Harwell is currently the interim VP of Engineering at the company he works for. As part of his job role, one of the largest elements that he is tasked with completing is finding sustainable solutions utilizing technology. There are many issues with education in general, including higher education data problems. 

Solving Higher Education Data Problem - Trevor Harwell

Mr. Harwell is working hard to help solve higher education data problems utilizing technology. If you have never heard these terms before, you may be curious as to how using technology can solve data problems. Here is more information about the importance of using technology to solve higher education data problems. 

Trevor Harwell Says Paper Overload and Manual Entry Create Backlogs

Trevor Harwell explains that one of the biggest issues that higher education facilities face is being overloaded with paper documents. These paper documents traditionally have had to be manually entered into the system and then filed by hand. This created huge backlogs, especially in schools that did not have a lot of resources. 

This also led to documents being misplaced or lost. This created backlogs during the registration process or if a past student needed their grades or credit information. Technology can allow higher education centers to scan documents and create electronic storage files, making this process fast and easy. 

How Dated Technology and Data Security Can Be Problematic

Harwell explains that another issue that higher education centers have with data problems is that they use dated technology. Their computer system may not be as technologically advanced as other schools. And if a computer system is dated, you can almost be assured that data security is dated as well. 

Updating dated technology and using new programs, as well as installing new data security features and staying on top of that can help prevent many different issues. Everything from being hacked to downloading viruses can all be minimized or eliminated simply by updating technology and maximizing data security. 

How Technology Increases Student Success

Trevor Harwell says that the final reason solving higher education data problems with technology is so important is because technology has been shown to increase student success. When your higher education community improves its technology and starts implementing technological changes, such as a paperless system and updated software, you can increase student success. 

Students can quickly go online and see their grades. They can see how many credits they need to graduate. They can see what classes they need to graduate. And they can see what resources are available to them. All of this helps them to navigate the system and helps them to see where they are and where they need to be. 

Harwell works hard to help solve higher education data problems through the use of technology. While there are many challenges that higher education facilities face, many of the problems that are common can easily be solved through technological updates and changes. 

This can help higher education centers run more efficiently, while also helping to provide students with the high-quality experience that they need to be successful at a higher education institute. 

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