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Zorya Capital offers international financial fraud investigation services to assist victims of the TrendVerce scam in recovering their funds from the scheme’s perpetrators. Zorya Capital was established to safeguard and assist victims of investment fraud through the use of skilled asset recovery professionals. 

We know for a fact that Zorya Capital has been supporting TrendVerce scam victims in recouping their losses. Zorya Capital has been named the Best Asset Recovery Agency for its track record of successful asset recovery cases.

We’ve recently received a number of complaints about a hedge fund named TrendVerce, and it’s come to our knowledge that there’s a fraudulent system in place to steal money from investors. The FCA acknowledged TrendVerce as a fraud site in their article. To dispel any suspicions, TrendVerce is a SCAM.

TrendVerce is likewise prohibited from offering financial services or goods.

As a result of these considerations, the FCA advises not responding to any TrendVerce offers.

TrendVerce, according to their website, is not subject to the jurisdiction of any regulatory organisation. That is an EMERGENCY WARNING SIGN!! That alone should dissuade you from collaborating with them. They also work with websites that provide “Automated trading software,” which is another red flag because these websites are notorious for engaging in various types of fraud. 

As a result, TrendVerce is just another unregulated forex broker. This means that consumers have no recourse, and it is quite possible that they will get away with taking your money without being held accountable by a regulating agency. 

TrendVerce – Who Are They ?

Individuals can protect themselves against internet scammers by thoroughly researching any businesses or organisations to which they wish to donate money. Additional investors are very likely to have used the aforementioned services and told the media about their experiences.

The following is an example of a business model for an unregulated FX broker. They will call customers in order to persuade them to make the initial little deposit, and they will use whatever means necessary to do so. They will make unbelievable offers, such as “we will double your initial investment.” Following the completion of the initial payment, consumers are transferred to a more adept con artist known as a “retention agent,” who will attempt to take additional money from them. 

Traders can learn about the broker’s trustworthiness by reading reviews written by other traders who have used TrendVerce in the past. Investors may make informed decisions on the platform’s operational capabilities, customer support, and overall trading experience based on the content of the reviews.

Due to the lack of a regulatory authority, TrendVerce is effectively an unlicensed FX broker. If there was no regulation, investors would be without safeguards, making it more difficult to hold anyone accountable for the loss of their investments.

Presenting odd transactions ahead of time is a common approach used by fraudulent internet trading systems to trick investors into believing they would soon become wealthy. A potential investor is more likely to increase their existing investment. 

The brokerage will hold the account and prevent access to the funds until the investor and their group have exhausted all available funds.

Many dubious enterprises may try to dupe unsuspecting investors by falsely claiming to be based in a regulated country and showing counterfeit governmental authorizations and locations on their websites.

Withdrawal Problems

You should register a withdrawal request as soon as possible because your funds are never entirely safe when handled by an unregulated broker.  Things start to get tricky at this point. This is the point at when things start to shift, and they become exceedingly unresponsive or pushy in order to persuade you to deposit more money. They will continue to invent reasons why you cannot withdraw at that time, and then they will compel you to deposit more money with another “too good to be true” offer.

If your withdrawal request is denied or your account is stopped for unimportant reasons, you may have difficulties collecting your funds from TrendVerce because it has the requisite business licensure and is not supervised or regulated by a major regulatory organisation.

It is preferable to avoid working with brokers who are not legally licenced by an agency. As a result, they must follow all rules and regulations. Individuals should avoid doing business with licenced brokerages no matter where they are.

Doing your homework before giving your money to an unethical broker can spare you from catastrophe and unnecessary stress.

More details might be found in our article “Financial Regulation Authorities.”

Remove your investments from an unregulated broker as soon as feasible. Things have only gotten worse since then. 

How To Recover Your Deposits

If you have already invested with TrendVerce and they refuse to return your money, which is most likely, there may still be a way or two for you to get your money back from TrendVerce, so don’t be concerned. 

First and foremost, you must keep all correspondence from the TrendVerce scam as proof that you requested a refund from them but that they either refused or dragged out the process in order to avoid refunding your money. 

Begin by beginning a chargeback at! And you should surely begin right away! You should also contact your bank or the company that provided your credit card and explain how you were duped into depositing money with an unregulated trading company that has refused to restore your money. 

Zorya Capital is a global financial fraud investigation firm that has assisted TrendVerce scam victims in recouping their losses. Zorya Capital ( was founded with professional knowledge and an innovative asset recovery method to better protect and aid victims of investment fraud. 

Zorya Capital supported TrendVerce scam victims in recovering their losses based on our findings. Zorya Capital is a successful asset recovery company.

What about Wire Transfer  and Cryptocurrency ?

If you utilised cryptocurrencies to pay or deposit with this fraudulent broker, make sure you have all transaction receipts; you will need these crypto transaction receipts to stand a chance; if you have these receipts, Zorya Capital will be able to assist you in retrieving your monies. This is the simplest and most dependable method of recovering bitcoin.

If they refuse to refund your money, your only option is to seek the help of asset recovery experts.

TrendVerce refund details can be found on the Zorya Capital website,

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