Trends in Coffee Machine Technologies: What’s Next for the Future?

The global coffee machine sector, which was valued at almost USD 8 billion in 2022[1], shapes consumer beverage preferences worldwide. Coffee machines enable users to brew their perfect cup with precision and control. This article will discuss coffee machine technologies and how they are revolutionizing the way we enjoy coffee.

Coffee Machine Industry Insights and Analysis

Diverse products characterize the coffee machine industry, from simple home brewers to complex commercial espresso machines. The market is divided by different factors, including product type, price point, and intended use. The industry is also influenced by changing consumer preferences, economic conditions, and environmental regulations. For larger market share, innovation is key to the competition. As a result, companies are introducing new features and improving existing technologies.

Trends in Coffee Machine Technologies

  1. The Popularity of Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

Semi-automatic espresso machines incorporate features to streamline the extraction process. With various customized parameters, such as temperature, baristas can modify the extraction settings to optimize the quality of each cup of coffee. Moreover, these advanced machines are equipped with water control, allowing for managing the water volume used for brewing, whether for a single or double serving.

  1. Smart Features in Coffee Machines

Applying smart features to coffee machine technologies is becoming important, enhancing user experiences. One notable feature is the automatic shutdown protection, ensuring the machine powers down safely when not in use. Automatic power-off capabilities are becoming mainstream. These characteristics boost energy efficiency while encouraging smart home integration. Another innovation is the visualization thermometer, enabling users to monitor and regulate the water temperature during coffee making.

  1. Versatility of Coffee Machines

Designed for diverse applications, coffee machines are divided into different types, such as drip coffee makers, espresso coffee machines, and cold brew coffee machines. However, advanced espresso coffee makers can produce different coffee beverages, such as espresso, cappuccino, and caramel macchiato. The versatility allows users to enjoy various coffee options from a machine.

  1. Optimize Water Quality for Better Coffee Flavor

Water quality is paramount for coffee making. Premium coffee machines now have advanced filtration systems to eliminate impurities that may affect the coffee flavor. These systems ensure the water used for extraction is of the highest quality, delivering a better coffee experience.

Empstorm® EM-04E: One of the Best Coffee-Making Machines

Coffee machine operation is a hassle, but EM-04E from Empstorm meets the technical requirements and makes it simple for the user to operate. It aims to bring the utmost coffee experience to consumers. Here’s the technical highlight of this product.

l High Wattage

A higher-wattage coffee maker can heat water more quickly. It also helps maintain a consistent brewing temperature, which is essential for extracting the best flavors. With 1100 wattage, the Empstorm® Espresso Machine 20 Bar EM-04E can guarantee quick making without compromising the coffee flavor.

l High-pressure Pump

This machine features a 20-bar high-pressure pump, which is an advanced coffee machine technology. Its high-pressure pump ensures optimal flavor extraction and delivers a more intense coffee taste.

l Visualisation Thermometer

Different coffee beans require specific brewing temperatures. With the visual thermometer, users can ensure that the temperature is within the ideal range, ensuring optimal flavor extraction from the coffee grounds.

l Double Portafilters

Single portafilters have one spout and basket to brew a single cup of espresso, while double portafilters feature two spouts and baskets to brew two cups at a time. The EM-04E model includes double spout portafilters, enabling brewing two cups of espresso at once to be accessible.


The trends in coffee machine technologies are pointing to a superior brewing experience. Machines like the Empstorm® EM-04E espresso machine exemplify these trends with its 20-bar pressure system, modern design, and cutting-edge technology that allows for precision brewing. With a commitment to excellence, Empstorm aims to deliver coffee machine technologies that epitomize quality and reliability. It ensures consistent and delectable coffee flavors, catering to both commercial and residential consumers who demand high-quality beverage solutions. Empstorm’s customer-centric approach and innovative drive guarantee that each coffee machine is crafted with the user experience at its core. Please visit their site for the latest coffee machine technology.


[1] Global Coffee Machines Market Size To Exceed USD 11.4 Billion By 2032 | CAGR of 3.74%. Available at (Accessed on April 3rd, 2024)


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