Trends, Achievements and All Time Highs!


Crypto never sleeps and sometimes traders are doing the same, waiting for the best moment to buy the dip or sell at new all-time highs.

Bitcoin recovered after the price drop under $50,000. After meeting support at $47,000, Bitcoin recovered and started to gather power. The growth continued and on the 13th of March, Bitcoin achieved a new ATH. The new achievement, at $60,445.47, is more important as it also breached the $60,000 resistance. According to crypto analysts, Bitcoin is now heading towards $70,000 by May/June.

The new ATH triggered massive movements on the market and huge Bitcoin buy orders. As an interesting fact, the new ATH comes exactly one year after the Black Thursday crash in 2020. One year ago, the Bitcoin value plunged to $3,274.50 and all crypto enthusiasts are happy to witness an 18x growth in 365 days

Ethereum (ETH) is fighting to overcome the $2,042.93 ATH achieved on the 20th of February. The value surged from $1,600 to over $1,900 in the last week, sparked by the upgrade announcement. The EIP-1559 upgrade, will destroy the transaction fee, lowering the supply. The base transaction fee will burn ether tokens. Miners were angered by the proposal and tried to organize a strike. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) brings quick and easy crypto transactions to the world by empowering the merchants and customers with low fees and reliable confirmations. These attributes will maintain Bitcoin Cash as a strong asset to hold and with many improvements planned in 2021, 

Bitcoin Cash had a good week, gaining approximately 20% value, and passing the $600 resistance on the 13th of March. Global implementation and BCH awareness will make Bitcoin Cash a more valuable asset to hold.

ADA (Cardano), the open source smart contract platform creating advance protocols, reached a new ATH. The success of the modular, layered protocol that runs on proof-of-stake consensus was possible with the constant work of the development team and the global collective of experts. Cardano value reached $1.48 on the 27th of February and this achievement was surprising as the whole market was registering heavy loses. While other top cryptocurrencies were even 25% – 30%, Cardano grew to a new record value, showing that the layered protocol is ready to upgrade the crypto ecosystem.

Polygon (Matic) is the rebranded name of Matic Network. The interoperability and scaling framework for building Ethereum-compatible blockchains will run on MATIC token and will provide more solutions for customized modules for developers.

The Polygon’s architecture is a four-layer system composed of the Ethereum layer, security layer, Polygon networks layer, and execution layer. The ETH smart contracts will handle transitions and communication between the various Polygon layers, chains and Dapps. The Polygon (Matic) value started to grow after the rebranding. From a value between $0.11 and $0.13, reached a new ATH at $0.495416. The current price stayed close to the record value achieved on the 12th of March.

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