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Trending Buzz Cut Haircut Ideas

The buzz cut has been in fashion for many decades as a men’s haircut. Deciding on the design of a buzz haircut to get might be challenging. However, if you know the exact purpose you want your haircut to serve this might not be a challenge at all.

Determining the buzz haircut suitable for you is determined by factors such as the places you will be wearing it to, the kind of outfit to blend it with, and other factors such as the shape of your head and the experience level of your hairdresser. Below are cute and trending buzz cut haircuts for men.

The Buzz Haircut Fade

The special feature of this haircut is that the hair at the sides is completely shaved to the skin level, while very short hair is left at the top.

This is a good option for a haircut if you are looking for something that is very official for formal events and you don’t want to go bald.  It is a common haircut among the military and other demanding professionals.

To spice up the look, you can request the barber to make the fade more outstanding by starting it at a higher level on the head.

The Long Buzz Haircut

If you don’t want to get rid of most of your hair, don’t panic, there is always a haircut for you, such as the long buzz cut.

The hair left on top for this style is long, and a gentle taper is created on the sides and the back to blend in with the hair on the top.

You can have fun styling the hair at the top into different designs. This includes leaving the hair messy or neatly combing it to fall in the direction of choice.

The hairstyle can be worn to all sorts of occasions, either casual or formal. This haircut can also be worn on all kinds of hair textures.

  1. A Buzz Haircut With a Beard

As the name suggests, this style involves blending the buzz haircut with a beard. To create a well-balanced look, you can have the hair at the top shorter than the one on the beard.

If you decide to rock in this style, you should maintain and groom the beards regularly because they are part of the haircut.

You can have fun exploring this haircut by alternating the length of the hair on the head and that of the beard every time you visit the barber.

The Military Buzz Haircut

The military buzz cut is common among the military, as the name suggests. It is actually the shortest you can cut your hair without going bald.

Due to the very low length of the hair left on the scalp, the haircut needs little to no maintenance. However, it is important to regularly trim it, especially if your hair naturally grows fast to avoid outgrowing the hair.

The Dyed Buzz Haircut

The unique feature of this haircut is bleaching the already-done hair with the dye color of choice. It is a common design among celebrities and stars due to the amount of attention it attracts.

This is the best option for a haircut if you do not care about following the set rules. To spice up the look, you can bleach the hair using bright colors such as pink and red. This will draw as much attention as you need to your haircut.

The dyed buzz haircut is not suitable for formal events, but it is the best haircut to rock a party. It is also low maintenance and does not require any styling at all.

The Low Fade Buzz Haircut

The low fade in this haircut starts somewhere near the neck from the back, and from the sides, it is very close to the ears. It is a great buzz cut option for people who do not want to cut much of their hair.

The hair at the top is left long, depending on the length you want. Maintaining this haircut might be demanding due to the long hair on the top.

You can wear a low fade buzz haircut to both formal and casual events. It is also suitable for all hair textures.




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