Trend Micro’s Cleaner One Pro: The Computer Cleaning App Shaking Up The Tech World

Computer Cleaning App

Cleaner One Pro by Trend Micro has deservedly been getting lots of attention from users the world over recently. And when you consider the features and benefits the all-in-one computer cleaning solution offers, it’s obvious why.

Designed for both Mac and Windows, Cleaner One Pro makes it easy to clean up junk files, manage apps, and visualize, manage and free up storage space — all in one click. 

The app’s popularity surged even further during the pandemic, with the global situation making it difficult for people to access the expertise of technicians.

An Overview of Cleaner One Pro

Every laptop or personal computer requires an application that ensures it functions optimally. A well-optimized system works perfectly without issue, storing data smartly to avoid hampering performance. 

Over the years, several solutions have emerged to help people get the best from their computers. However, the team at Trend Micro has really raised the bar with the release of Cleaner One Pro.

Cleaner One Pro is an intelligent disk cleaning app, with the ability to clear junk data and files, in addition to offering a host of other functions. The app’s user-friendliness, sleek design, and stand-out features have endeared it to millions of people across the globe.

Features of Cleaner One Pro

User Interface

Cleaner One Pro‘s user interface is super easy to navigate .The dashboard provides all the necessary  information regarding   PC health, helping users to always keep their computers in tip-top condition.

Junk Files

Cleaner One Pro can identify and clear temporary and unused files, trash bin data, and remnants of uninstalled apps that have accumulated on the system. This all helps to free up space and enhance system performance..

Duplicate Files

Duplicate files serve no purpose other than to waste storage space, but locating and deleting them is a challenge. Cleaner One Pro makes it easy. The app can find every duplicate file on your computer and let you decide whether you want to keep or delete them.

Big Files

Large files for office or school work often occupy lots of storage space. Unfortunately, after we’re done using them, it’s easy to forget about where we stored them. Cleaner One Pro can identify such files, allowing users to delete them as desired, freeing up massive amounts of storage space in the process.

Startup Manager

The Startup Manager feature is ideal for systems that take a while to load up. The app can analyze and identify any issues, and regulate the programs that launch upon start-up to increase performance.

Other Amazing Features

Other exciting features of Cleaner One Pro include the App Manager for identifying leftover files after uninstalling apps, File Shredder for securely deleting files, and Disk Map for viewing a colorful, graphic representation of data stored on the system.


Cleaner One Pro is an amazing system optimization tool. With its plethora of features and relative affordability, it’s clearly way ahead of its contemporaries on the market.

For more information about Cleaner One Pro and the other excellent solutions from Trend Micro, visit

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