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Trekking on the Manaslu Circuit 

Manaslu Circuit

Manaslu Circuit Trek is a fourteen-day journey that commences at Machhakhola and ends at Besi Sahar. Manaslu Himal is the eighth highest mountain in the world at 8,163 meters (26,781 feet). There is a challenging mountain pass, Larke la 5,106 m. You will pass scenic villages such as Gorkha, Sama gaon, and Tilje which are part of the Manaslu Conservation Area. The Budi Gandaki river flows through the valley between Ganesh Himal and Annapurna Himalayas.

Manaslu Circuit Trek may be the perfect vacation for you if you are seeking a unique and adventurous experience in Nepal. This pretty wilderness trail trekking area features views of the highest mountain peaks, including Manaslu Himal, Buddha Himal, Syringe Himal, Ganesh Himal, and Himlung Himal, on the Tsum Valley side.

There are about 2,000 species of plants, 33 mammals, 110 species of birds, 11 species of butterflies, snow leopards, grey wolves, musk deer, blue sheep, and considerable numbers of Himalayan Thar inhabiting the Manaslu Circuit trek with Larke Pass. Oaks and blue pines dominate the forest along the Budi Gandaki area, while ground-hugging rhododendrons persist almost to the snowline above the Sama villages. These alpine meadows are characterized by edelweiss, gentians, anemones, and stellar flowers.

Manaslu Circuit Trek: what makes it so special?

There are many excellent treks in Nepal, but the Manaslu Circuit Trek is considered to be one of the best by trekking professionals. In spite of its recent growth in popularity, the Manaslu Trek remains remote and less crowded than the established teahouse treks in Nepal. With an elevation of 8,163 meters, Mount Manaslu is the eighth highest peak in the world.

Sama village side trip

You will be guided to the Manaslu Base Camp via Birendra Lake (Taal) during your acclimatization days in the Sama village. A trek to Mt Manaslu’s base camp is an exciting adventure that takes you to one of the eight highest mountains in the world. The Manaslu mountain is one of Nepal’s most challenging and difficult expedition mountains, with four to six expedition groups summiting it each season.

From Samdo village, take a side trip

As part of the Manaslu circuit trek, there are opportunities to experience an even more exciting ultimate day tour to the Tibet border. The Lajyun Bhanjyang pass, which is 5098 meters high, can be hiked if you have more time. It takes five hours to reach Lajyun Bhanjyang from Samdo and three hours to return from the border. The Tiber Plateau can be viewed from the Lajyun Bhanjyang.

Manaslu Circuit Routes: People and Culture

Most people living in the Manaslu region are employed in the tea house business and in agriculture. The religion that they follow is Buddhism Bon Po. Buddhist monasteries and ancient Tibetan cultures are the main attractions along the trek for tourists.

The farming crops of the Manaslu region

There are many major crops grown in Sama Gaun and Samdo villages, including buckwheat, wheat, barley, millet, sunflowers, sweet potatoes, pumpkins, beans, and sweet potatoes. Due to the fact that all of these crops are grown on their own land, they are completely dependent on them for survival.

Larkya La Pass on the Manaslu circuit

Manaslu circuit trek route passes through Larkya La pass, the highest pass. Located at 5,167 meters above sea level, it is the highest point on the trek. As a result of heavy snowfall in December and January, it is closed during these months. It is easier to cross the pass during the rest of the month, but it is a more challenging trek than the Rupina La Pass Trek. Make sure you carry microspikes if you are trekking in colder weather.

The physical aspect

In order to do the Manaslu circuit Larkya La pass. Trekkers must be physically fine and have a high level of hiking stamina. As it is nearly impossible to pass without hiking stamina. During our previous experience, we witnessed several trekkers give up halfway around the Manaslu circuit. Before you plan your trek, we recommend that trekkers run for at least 10 to 15 days, at least one hour per day.

Accommodations on the Manaslu circuit trek:

At every stop along the Manaslu Circuit trek, there is a clean tea house. There are private rooms, outside toilets, and a heater in the dining room. In spite of this, you should not expect comfortable toilet facilities on your trek up the Manaslu. In most teahouses, there is no toilet paper and there are no western toilets, with only a few hotels providing western toilets. If you do not possess toilet paper, you should bring your own or purchase some in the same grocery store.

Distance totalled

Manaslu circuit trek takes 14 days to complete from Machha Khola to Besisahar, and the distance is 177 km between Machha Khola and Besisahar. The first day of our journey to Manaslu began with a bus ride from Machhakhola to Manaslu.

The best time to trek the Manaslu Circuit

Manaslu Circuit trekking is possible throughout the year. There are a variety of activities available throughout the year during each season. However, spring and autumn are the best seasons for trekking Manaslu due to their moderate weather and a stable climate. There are four distinct seasons in Manaslu. Every month of the season, like every season, has its own advantages and disadvantages. As with the rest of Nepal, the Manaslu Circuit region experiences four distinct seasons. In addition to spring, summer, autumn, and winter, there are four distinct seasons. Throughout the year, the Manaslu region offers the traveller/trekker a unique perspective. Depending on what you prefer and what you expect, you can decide when you wish to complete your Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Our Nepal Wilderness Trekking PVT team will lead this trek with expert guides and porters at a competitive package cost. We have guides from the Manaslu region, which is known for its culture, language, and mountains. The cost and detailed itinerary for the 14-day Manaslu circuit trek are the same as those on our blog. There are, however, options for customizing the trek to the Manaslu. We are fortunate to have guides from the Manaslu region. Which has a rich culture, language, places and mountains that are famous throughout the region.

Permit for Manaslu:

From September to November, the Manaslu trek permit costs USD 100.00. For the first seven days and USD 15.00 for each additional day. From December to August, the Manaslu trek permit costs USD 75.00 for the first seven days and USD 10.00 for each additional day.

Permit issued by MCAP:

There is a U$D15 entry fee per person for SAARC nationals and a U$D30 entry fee for other nationals.

Permit for ACAP:

SAARC nationals are charged a fee of U$D15 per person, while other nationals are charge a fee of U$D30 per person.

Here is some additional information about the Manaslu trek permits in the Restricted Zone. Before you are able to enter the pass, you will need to validate your special permit until you reach Dharamsala.  After the Larke La Pass, ACAP, MCAP, and TIMS permits will be applicable.


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