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Tree stump removal in Tauranga

Do you need to remove the stump from a tree after falling but don’t know how to go about it? Removing one or more trees is sometimes necessary to develop a garden or carry out construction and renovation work. However, the task can be complicated, especially if your trees are imposing. 

Tree stump removal in Tauranga So, what are the best methods for uprooting a tree?

 How much does it cost to remove a tree stump? 

Treescene advises you on how to complete your project.

The essential

  • The cost of having a tree stump removed depends on several criteria: characteristics of the tree, extraction procedure, access to the site, etc.
  • The process of removing a tree stump is often decided by its perimeter.
  • Many professionals are competent in removing a tree stump; request many estimates to obtain the best pricing.

Removing a tree stump: what criteria affect the price?

The price for removing a tree stump depends on several precise criteria. The prices set for tree stump removal depend on their characteristics:

the number of trees: removing several stumps takes more time and may require using several methods;

the diameter and height of the tree; these affect the difficulty of removing the stumps. Therefore, they have an impact on the time and cost of the intervention.

The age of the tree: uprooting can be more or less complicated depending on it. In general, the older the tree, the stronger its roots.

  • The stump removal method: manual, chemical, trimming, etc. Depending on the technique, the effort and time spent to remove the stumps may be greater.
  • The configuration of the land: the size of the land and the difficulty of accessing the site have an impact on the professional price (use of machines, movement of the stump, etc.);
  • The nature of the service: does it include the felling of the tree beforehand? Are the finishing touches included (removal of debris, backfilling, etc.)? The service will be less expensive if it is only stump removal.

Finally, the price for removing a tree stump depends on the hourly cost set by the chosen service provider. This is why Ootravaux advises you to request several detailed estimates based on the elements above before entrusting the stump removal of a tree to a company.

The different methods for removing a stump

Removing a tree stump is possible using four main methods:

  • manual stump removal;
  • mechanical stump removal;
  • chemical stump removal;
  • stump removal with a grinder.

The choice of a method depends on the difficulty of removing the stump, the conditions of access to your garden, and your budget.

Manual stump removal

Manually removing stumps from a tree trunk is difficult and time-consuming. This is why this operation is recommended for small stumps or a garden where access does not allow the use of mechanical equipment.

The use of different tools is necessary to achieve this:

  • a spade to excavate the entire area surrounding the stump and find the tree’s roots.
  • a heelplier or an axe to chop the roots;
  • a powerful puller or crowbar to remove the stump.

This is advised when the circumference of the stump exceeds 30 cm.

Various equipment can be used to mechanically remove stumps from tree trunks.

A core drill is used to drill the stump and ease its uprooting.

To remove the stump, use a mini-excavator, a machine with a skidding winch, and a crane to remove both the stump and its roots.

This surgery is the most cost-effective. It is especially good for large tree stumps. However, if you use this method of stump removal, you will severely harm the soil.

Grind stumps with a grinder.

This surgery is an alternative to traditional mechanical stump removal. The stump is removed by using a trimmer called a “grinder.”.

The trimmer allows you to plane the emerging part of the stump using a cutting tool until it is at the same level as the ground. It is a precise and effective solution that allows you to preserve it and carry out your construction or renovation work without any problems.

Chemical stump removal

Chemical products exist to devitalize a tree stump and make it easier to remove. This type of stump removal is carried out with different solutions.

  • sodium nitrate;
  • propylene powder (mix with water);
  • fuel (gasoline, oil, etc.).

It is an economical alternative, which is, however, not fast. Regular application of the product to the stump is necessary so that it is completely dead and removable. The operation then takes between 3 months and 1 year. The slowness of the process is partly explained by the nature of the products used: non-polluting biocides (except fuels).

How much does it cost to remove a tree stump?

The price for uprooting a tree depends on its characteristics and the nature of the work undertaken. Generally, a company intervenes to uproot a tree after it has been felled. However, it is entirely possible to entrust the felling and uprooting of a tree to the same contractor. Request quotes to compare the alternatives and find the solution best suited to your budget.

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