Treating Flu Season with Technology/Apps

Who hates the flu season? Well, looks like we all can raise our hands here. But we have to get through it and take care of ourselves and our loved loves.  We all know that sneezing and coughing produce airborne droplets that spread flu viruses. Don’t forget to take some “me time” while caring for those around you. You may assume that the flu virus only occurs in the winter when you think about it. But is it so? Even though flu season tends to peak in winter, it can also occur in fall and spring.

It is not unusual for people to catch seasonal flu as early as August and sometimes before, and infections can last until March. It is also possible that you have it already, which is why you are looking for flu treatments online. 

Unfortunately, there is no cure and it usually lasts between one and two weeks. The flu virus has many strains, so once you get it there is a high possibility that you can get it again. But we have some good news, too. Flu is not curable, but there are ways to feel better even without a cure. There are several medicines that you can take to relieve the pain, of course after consulting a doctor. 

Additionally, there are some apps that will also help you in this regard. Yes, you do not even need a doctor before downloading these apps. Most of them are also free; the only thing you will need is a reliable internet connection with the best speed tiers, like Spectrum, so that you get updates timely. Call Spectrum Phone Number for further details. 

Below are some of the apps to download today:

Outsmart the Flu

Feeling under the weather? Don’t let the flu get you down. You can outsmart the virus by using your smartphone. With the help of technology, you can access and download many useful tools, including some that are free, to learn everything you need to know about this year’s flu season and to avoid becoming infected. Yes, we are talking about the Outsmart the Flu app. have you used it already? Isn’t it great?

Is it easy to use?

Whether you have flu-like symptoms or not, you report them to Outsmart the Flu. The app will then compile the data and let you know what is happening on campus in terms of flu activity. To prevent flu epidemics from spreading from person to person, it seeks to detect flu epidemics early. 

Doctor On Demand

The Doctor On Demand app is ideal if you want to speak to a doctor online. With an on-demand doctor booking application, you can make an appointment online before going to the doctor. Visiting a doctor from the comfort of your own home is one of the most convenient methods of getting medical advice. 

 It makes it convenient for both patients and doctors to consult. By using the application, a patient could consult the doctor by video call or exchange reports. Doctors can prescribe medicines online via the same application while accessing the patient’s emergency needs on the same page.

There is a 24/7 service available every day of the week, so it is available both at night and on weekends as well. Help is available whenever you need it. It will be much like going to a clinic in terms of the conversation. Your doctor will examine you, take your history, and recommend treatment based on your symptoms. In addition to prescriptions, they can provide lab work, and even doctor’s notes if needed.


The Ada app is a great tool for analyzing your symptoms. As the developer has also included COVID-19 in its database, this app can help you exclude it as well. This app is supposed to be your health companion, and that’s how it’s pitched by the developer. It will ask you simple, personalized questions about what’s bothering you.

A health assessment will be conducted by Ada, and you will receive relevant information related to your current state of health. If the condition turns out to be serious, you should consult a doctor, the app is only intended to provide you with some relief. The treatment does not, by any means, solve your health problems.


In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) record flu outbreaks. That might turn FluView into the official flu-tracking app from the CDC. This app shows color-coded maps of flu outbreaks across the country during any given week of the flu season. 

Additionally, you can watch videos or listen to podcasts about flu prevention and hospitalizations caused by the flu. Both iTunes and Google Play offer it free. If you are someone like us often coming down with flu, this is the perfect companion!

Wrapping Up

This brings us to the end of this post. The flu season is just around the corner and we know you hate it. However, there are apps for free to help you in this situation. Download the abovementioned apps to stay healthy and treat the common cold and flu.  


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