Treadmill 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Cardio Fitness

Treadmill is a modern fitness equipment that holds the key to your physical fitness. Besides helping you shed your extra body pounds, it also helps your joints and heart function better.

The device’s running pad is scientifically designed to make sure that you enjoy it and don’t feel too tired while working out. In addition, it can withstand a weight capacity of up to 100 kg.

As a beginner, if you spend just 10 to 15 minutes on workouts, you are doing a great service to your heart. It can assure you of your cardiac fitness. It is also an ideal knee exercise. The fitness trainer also allows you to perform various workouts to shed calories, reduce body weight, enhance muscular strength, and allow your heart to function better. It is good for the lungs, too.

You’d be surprised to know that according to the Australian Institute of Heart and Welfare (an Australian Government body), nearly 2.9% of the country’s total adult population, or about 571, 000 persons were found to be suffering from CHD (coronary heart disease) in 2020-21.

If you wish to stay healthy and fit, you can make Treadmill your best fitness companion.

Here’s how a beginner should get started with Treadmill

Moderate Pace Walk on Treadmill: As a beginner, you should walk at a moderate speed of 3 mph and take some time to increase this speed. A gradual increase in speed is always recommended.

Determine Your Own Workout Time: Ideally, you should spend five minutes walking on the treadmill. Later on, you can increase the time up to 15 minutes. You know your body’s endurance capacity. Hence, you fix your own workout time. This time selection should match your body system.

Interval or Rest: This is necessary. After working out for about 10 to 15 minutes, you must take a rest for some time. You should determine how many minutes you want to take rest or what should be your interval period. If you don’t take a break – rest – you may run several types of risks. Hence, avoid such risks.

Always Go for Simulated Walking: An incline workout for not more than five minutes should be done on Treadmill 101. You must not overdo yourself with exercise to unduly strain your body and internal organs.

Allow Your Body to Acclimatize: As a beginner on Treadmill, you need to allow your body to adapt to this mechanical running system. A treadmill is highly mechanized workout equipment. So, naturally, it requires gradual acclimatization of your body system.

Cardiac fitness is necessary. But that does not mean you over-exert your heart. Unfortunately, over-exertion of your heart can also be fatal at times. These five tips can help you workout on Treadmill 101 without feeling exhausted or drained.

Why is working out essential?

In Australia, CHD is a major killer. In 2020, according to the figures released by the Australian Institute of Heart and Welfare, about 16,000 persons died due to CHD. This represents 10% of all deaths and 41% of cardiovascular disease deaths. Thus, it’s the right time to bring home the best treadmills and start working out on them without fail.

Such workouts can protect you against CHD (Coronary Heart Disease). But unfortunately, the incidence of CHD is rising in Australia and almost all other countries for a host of reasons. One of the reasons is the lack of physical exercise.

Look at the statistics of people suffering from obesity and other bodily complications arising out of a sedentary lifestyle or lack of exercise. You will know the importance of regular workouts.

In Conclusion

A Treadmill is a necessity and not a luxury. However, unless your heart pumps and you shed your extra body weight, you run the risk of CHD and other implications like gaining weight, which may lead to diabetes, high BP (Blood Pressure), and other complications.

Your body breaks down your food into glucose and releases it into your bloodstream. If this glucose release exceeds your body’s needs, you may suffer from high blood sugar or diabetes. But you can stay fit by working out on a treadmill as per the instruction manual or following the advice of your personal fitness trainer.



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