Traveling with your GoPro on Airplane? Here’s What you should know


GoPros have become a famous gadget for travelers after DSLRs. These accessories are a perfect tool to capture those long-lasting memories. However, with the expensive equipment come questions, especially when boarding commercial flights. One must know the rules and the right way to carry their GoPro for hassle-free travel. If you plan to travel with a GoPro, here’s all you need to know.

  • Carrying your GoPro on flights 

TSA has mentioned clear rules about carrying digital cameras on airplanes. One can take their GoPro in their check-in or carry-on luggage. However, if your GoPro has a battery, only carry it in the carry-on luggage. We often recommend carrying your GoPro in the carry-on to avoid hassles with your checked luggage.

  • GoPro filming during air travel 

Carrying cameras during travel also has few restrictions on their usage, especially at the airport. Travelers must remember certain airport areas are off-limits for photography and videography. For instance, the security and customs are a big no. Travelers can often see the ‘No Photography’ signs at airports, especially during international travel, and travelers must abide by them. It is also essential to note that every airport and country has varying rules for filming inside airplanes or airports. Hence, travelers are always advised to take permission or consult the officials before filming, especially at foreign destinations. Photography and filming are allowed in European and U.S. airplanes. However, ensure you do not disturb or harass fellow passengers or cabin crew during the flight.

  • GoPro batteries on planes 

Travelers can carry their GoPro batteries on airplanes only in their carry-on luggage. Also, ensure these batteries are no more than 100 watt hours (for each battery) per the TSA limit, allowing hassle-free travel. This rule also applies to power banks, and one must ensure their power bank does not exceed 100 watt-hours. Most power banks do not exceed this limit, but it is better to check before.

When it comes to the number of batteries, it is essential to note that although there isn’t a prescribed limit, if you take an alarming number of lithium batteries with you, it can definitely draw the attention of the TSA authorities towards you. So, what’s more, and what is allowed? Some vloggers or professionals state they have traveled with six to eight batteries. They often suggest carrying these separately to avoid contacts from touching, preferably in a transparent plastic box or case. Some even suggest depleting the batteries and informing the authorities about it.

  • GoPro accessories during air travel 

Travelers can carry all their GoPro accessories during air travel. At times, one can face issues with the selfie stick or tripod stand as the TSA prohibits carrying ‘club-like objects.’ If your selfie stick is small and hollow, it is okay, though a solid pole can be considered a weapon and thus now allowed on board, but you can carry it in your checked luggage. Regardless, it is essential to note that GoPro selfie sticks are allowed on the plane and do not encounter any issues with TSA authorities.

Some frequently asked questions about flying with GoPros 

  1. Will the X-ray machine damage GoPro, its memory card, and other accessories?

X-Ray machines do not damage GoPros, cameras, or memory cards.

  1. Can I carry my GoPro battery in the checked luggage?

It is crucial to carry the GoPro batteries in the carry-on as TSA prohibits storing lithium batteries on checked luggage due to the possibility of catching fire ad endangering safety during flight.

Traveling with your GoPro can be easy with the above guide. Travelers who wish to carry their GoPro on airplanes can also get more info here.

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