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Travel through Social Media: How Adam Vaughan Documents his Explorations

It can be difficult to remember a period of our lives when Instagram didn’t form an integral part of it; the ostensibly omnipresent platform is useful for a variety of functions. One of these functions which has been popular since Instagram’s inception is travel blogging. The inherent nature of Instagram lends itself perfectly to this end given it revolves around pictures.

Adam Vaughan is one of the prominent group of travel influencers using Instagram as their chosen platform to document their explorations around the world. The posts of travel influencers like Adam, who has been traveling the world for over two decades following his retirement from the Air Force, offer a means of inspiration and escape from reality to his followers.

This article will quickly explore Adam Vaughan’s background and journey in documenting his travels online, before elucidating the manner in which he does so.

A Quick Background

Adam credits his passion for traveling to his time in the Air Force. As a direct result of the position he acquired, he was able to live in Japan, visit every country in Asia and almost all regions of Europe. This is all on top of the hundreds of missions and 12 deployments he was involved in around the world.

In the 24 years since he began his exploration around the world, Adam’s passion and love for the activity have not diminished in the slightest. Rather, they have grown, as has his love for experiencing the numerous exotic cultures of the various places he visits. It is for these reasons that he decided to build his brand around his travels, deciding to use his Instagram to document his experiences.

Adam hoped to lead a travel blog through which he could draw on his substantial experience navigating the cultures of the world in order to provide recommendations and become an advocate of travel for all. He takes his ambassadorship of this lifestyle very seriously and has not permitted himself to ever perform a job that would not allow him to travel.

Even now, in his current job at Meta, where he has been for the past three years, he is able to continue to grow his appreciation for the world by traveling for his job very often.

A Passion For Traveling

So when and where did this passion for traveling begin? Adam himself acknowledges that in his youth the knowledge he gained of other countries around the world “may have been [about] the moon since going to see those places wasn’t a reality nor did [he] want to go”. How did his passion switch so drastically?

According to Adam, it was not a switch that occurred, but a realization. A realization of his deep, inner longing to engage with the world’s history, culture, and sheer wealth of experiences, broke out very soon before he joined the AF in 1998.

It was this decision to join the AF that led to Adam’s sudden cognizance of the pure size of the world, and the number of experiences within it. This realization grew into recognition of those in less fortunate circumstances than himself, whom he encountered frequently throughout all his deployments to the worst areas of the world.

This only further ignited his desire to travel, adding a new perspective to all the experiences the world offered him to immerse himself in.

Documenting Via Instagram

After his time serving in the AF, Adam transitioned smoothly into a job managing Facebook’s Global Operations. This inherently facilitated more traveling in order to manage his global team and the projects they were working on.

It was around this time that Adam resolved to document his travel experiences on Instagram, in a bid to promote the positive effects of exploring the world to others and assist them in pursuing this love of his.

Adam’s ultimate goal is to gradually shift away from his job at Meta and develop his travel brand on Instagram so much so that it will be sufficiently sizeable for him to be able to focus on it full time while he travels around the world with his family.

Closing Remarks

As a result of his time in the military, a spark for traveling and experiencing other cultures was ignited within Adam Vaughan. This passion has continued through everything Adam does – even after 24 years of traveling. He has curated his career so that he would be able to travel throughout it, culminating in his current job at Meta in which he frequently does so.

At the moment, he is working towards transitioning towards fully relying on his influence on Instagram to provide for his family and support his travel-rich lifestyle. He documents his jet-set lifestyle here as inspiration for others to do the same.

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