Transportation fleet management: how does a GPS tracker improve it?

Is transport fleet management in your business a nightmare? Surely it is because you have not taken advantage of what GPS technology can offer you.

Did you know that GPS satellite tracking systems are excellent for increasing the profitability and productivity of any company, especially those with mobile employees or vehicles?

Whether you have a fleet of one or a thousand vehicles, a vehicle tracking system is a solid investment.

In addition, these devices require only a small initial investment that will greatly increase the productivity of your business.

GPS systems can help manage transportation fleets like this:

– Reduced operating costs: By monitoring activities such as speeding or idling, you can not only save fuel, but also reduce damage caused to the engine, brakes, and tires.

– Reduced fuel and maintenance costs: A satellite tracking platform like the one proposed by PAJ-USA can also help you optimize the fuel your assets use by designing faster, more direct routes, as well as sending notifications in the event of leaks or mechanical failures.

– Increased efficiency: tests show that each vehicle could make at least one extra stopover or delivery per day using a transportation fleet management system via GPS.

– Reduced delays and time spent in unauthorized locations: Wouldn’t it be amazing if your employees didn’t waste time and money spending hours in traffic? With a PAJ-GPS tracker, you can not only track but also easily set custom notifications for when a driver leaves the designated area, exceeds their speed, or idles for too long.

– Reduced insurance policy rates by up to 35%: Many insurance companies offer discounted policies for cars that have real-time GPS systems as they save a lot of work and research time when resolving an accident.

Additionally, GPS fleet tracking systems can increase profitability by:

– Monitoring routes and stops: Downtime and stops at unauthorized locations can be very expensive for your company. With a modern PAJ-GPS tracker, you can ensure this doesn’t become a problem keeping fuel costs down and drivers safe.

– Reducing paper usage: Digital record keeping is not subject to human error and makes the data maintenance process more in-depth without any additional hassle. Electronic driver records can also help with vehicle and fuel tax calculations, audits, and resource optimization.

– Secondary Job Detection: By tracking real-time and historical data, you can detect if employees misuse your vehicles and correct them in time.

– Improved response time and customer service: By knowing where your units are at all times, dispatchers can easily dispatch the closest vehicle when a new order arises. This saves money and time and makes customers happy.

– Maintenance Monitoring and Engine Alerts: Extending the life of your vehicles is important because replacing them is expensive. No more guessing or having to dig up information! GPS tracking systems report all vehicle activity and immediately alert fleet managers to things they need to be aware of, such as faulty engine alerts or the need for pollution checks or oil changes.

Are you convinced to make your life easier and benefit from all the information that a platform like PAJ-GPS can provide?


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