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Translation or localization of websites

localization of websites

A website transition is a process where all content on web pages is translated from the original language to a different language. But for your website to be appealing in other countries or language regions you need more than a word-for-word translation. We will explain what is needed to successfully launch your website in a foreign country. 

Proper translation

First, it is important that the translation is properly performed. Poorly translated websites look unprofessional, will increase bounce rates, and make website visitors leave your website. Make sure that the translation is of good quality. Just converting content word-for-word into another language is not the way to do this. You need to take into account wordplay, context, and other language-specific issues into consideration. 

Website localisation

A basic website translation is not enough to make your website appealing to a larger audience. It is required to localise the relevant web pages to achieve the desired result. Therefore, you need to consider cultural norms, fashions, and other factors that may distinguish website users in foreign countries from your current audience. You need to get familiar with the customs of your target audience to properly adapt the website to their needs. 

SEO and website translations  

The findability of your website is the key to success. A proper website translation will not only make your website appealing to the target audience. It also helps to improve the findability of the website. By performing an SEO translation, the content on the websites is translated in a way that still performs well in search engines.  A good SEO translation will contribute to your goals regarding visibility and promotion of the website.  By just translating words you may not incorporate the required keywords and headers. In this case, a webpage could be perfectly adapted to the current target group and not at all findable for the audience. 

Need a little help?

It may be a bit complicated for any website owner to get to know all the ins and outs about what is needed to properly translate your website. Therefore, it is recommended to get some help from a professional translation agency. They know exactly how to perform a website translation properly to make your website more successful. Thereby they take into account all aspects regarding language, culture and make them findable in commonly used search engines. You will notice that the investment in professional website translation will pay out eventually and contribute to the success of your website.

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