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Transform your dull home office: Give a touch of art to it

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Since the coronavirus has started to spread globally, working from home has been the new set of most companies. The new normal has caused many people to adjust not only in time but also in the workplace settings. Homes are now turned into offices. It is important to consider having a good spot inside your house while working. You can be creative at the same time and productive in maximizing your workspace at home. In this article, you will know some of the tips on how to transform your dull home office by giving a touch of art to it. 

Wall paints or wallpapering

Walls play an important role in making your workspace attractive and comfortable to the eyes. You can maximize walls to convert your workspace from dull looking into an elegant or artistic space. Choosing the color wall paint is vital to make your home office bright. Don’t be afraid to use black and gray because these colors are complementary to make the feels and ambiance of your home office aesthetically appealing. An alternative to wall painting is wallpapering. You may try using it as it is easier to apply than paints because you don’t have to spend too much time treating the wall. The advantage of wallpapers is that it has a variety of designs based on your choice. 

Lighting designs

Another important element of a good interior that will give artistic transformation to your home office is lighting. Lightings are essential in setting the atmosphere of your working area. The choice of light colors and fixtures will either add or diminish the emotions of the space which could affect your mood and motivation to work. 

When choosing lights, it is necessary to eliminate glare and shadows to avoid annoying reflection while using your computer. Also, to make your workplace more creative, consider using decorative lights such as picture lights, wall sconces, and other accent lighting. The choice of desk lamps is vital in the artistic look of the working space.  For less cost lighting, you can maximize the use of natural light through windows or using LED lights. Make sure you consult with the landlord of the place, especially if you want to make big changes. If you don’t have time to meet with them in person, you can make use of the landlord app that will lessen the burden. 

Furniture and fixture

Furniture and fixtures contribute to the level of appearance of your home office. By using appropriate furniture that is compatible with the color of walls and the theme of your workplace, the overall look of the area will be more appealing. At the same time, proper choice of furniture like the shelves, table, chair, or even tools like simultaneous translation equipment, can affect the space and the comfortability of the place. See to it that the furniture and accessories are complementing the specific genre of design you are going to use. Nowadays, there are many DIY ideas for minimalist and space-saving bookshelves and cabinets that might help you give a glow to your home office. 

Home remodeling

One option to transform your home office is to consider home remodeling. It is different from renovation which only focuses on the restoration of something that already exists in your house. However, home remodeling is about creating something new from the current setting of your home. 

In building a good home office, it is important to avail the services of professionals or experts in home remodeling, for they can provide more authentic, affordable, and accurate advice in redesigning the space and aesthetics of the area. Moreover, home remodeling can help you utilize every single space for better productivity, safety, and efficiency. 

Another thing that could help with productivity and efficiency is using a digital thermostat to adjust the temperature of the room and create the best working conditions. 

Utilize windows and use plants

Windows can also be used to make your home office brighter. Other than its role in natural lighting, it also accesses fresh air and outside views. Placing the table near windows can bring nature inside and add to the natural ambiance while working. Speaking of natural designs, you can also put some indoor plants in your home office. It will augment the environment-friendly and green looks of your area where you can feel safe and comfortable. The best way to add art to your workspace is in nature. 

Decorative Photo Books 

An office is always brought to life with photos and pictures. It also gives you something to remind yourself of fun, family times when you’re at work. You can leave photo books up on shelves or on a table ready to be flicked through whenever you feel like it. Maybe they’re full of family pictures, or vacation shots. They could be full of pictures that make you laugh or those poignant memories that mean so much to you. They give you something to put up on shelves that aren’t just there to take up space, but are often used and flicked through. It’s great to be able to have something different to look at throughout the work day. Especially if you find you’re getting a bit stressed or worried…you can just take five minutes to look through your photo books and they’ll put a smile back on your face.


In this time when working from home is becoming the latest trend and practice, it is necessary to give some artistic touches to your home office. To do this, you have to remember some of the common tips in transforming your dull offices by having appropriate choices of wall paints or wallpapering lighting designs; furniture, and fixtures; home remodeling; and utilizing windows and plants. 

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