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Trailer Surge Brake Market is expected to be valued at US$ 8.0 Bn in 2032

Trailer Surge Brake Market

The hydraulic brakes known as “trailer surge brakes” are activated by the movement and weight of the trailer. Unlike electric brakes, these brakes do not require an external power source for operation, nor do they need a controller for appropriate brake actuation. The connection between the trailer and the tow vehicles is made simpler by the fact that these brakes can be used with any type of trailer and do not require an electrical connection.

The market for trailer surge brakes is anticipated to reach a value of US$ 5.9 billion in 2022 and is projected to develop at a CAGR of 3% to reach US$ 8 billion by 2032.

Some of the features of trailer surge brakes that will propel the market for these devices are their ability to operate without a power source and their utilization of the trailer’s momentum to power the braking component. Additionally, because hydraulic surge brakes are operated by unbreakable physical rules, their failure susceptibility is relatively low. As a result, more end users are expected to adopt trailer surge brakes due to their increased operational reliability.

The selling of trailer surge brakes is currently being hampered by the accessibility of electric and air brakes. Due to the effective price slack in electric brakes, consumers are leaning towards installing electric brakes, which is driving the growing number of electric brake producers to supply the products at the lowest cost possible.

Market Participants

  • Dexter Axle Company
  • CURT Manufacturing LLC
  • Demco
  • Heritage Custom Trailers
  • PJ Trailers
  • Croft Trailer Supply
  • Lippert Components, Inc.
  • Atwood
  • Rigid Hitch

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