Traffic Proxying: How to Pick a Reliable Service Provider

Traffic Proxying: How to Pick a Reliable Service Provider

Traffic Proxying: How to Pick a Reliable Service Provider

There has been much segmentation of the Internet recently. Previously, the concept of a vast and united network linking all mankind seemed highly appealing. Politicians’ and technological titans’ choices eventually cause this theory to lose appeal. Typically, such limits impact regular users who spend their leisure time or work on the network.

Ordinary content consumers lose access to their favorite platforms, social networks, and messengers. People with online jobs lose the ability to do their work effectively. VPN services are rapidly gaining popularity among average consumers worldwide. It’s because they allow you to overcome limitations imposed by Internet providers and websites, which block access from specific IP addresses.

Who needs proxying

Use VPN services to bypass restrictions? Proxy servers can serve as a less expensive and more efficient option. Compared to VPNs, proxies have the following advantages:

  • Cheaper price. Access to a proxy server located in the chosen country will cost far less than getting a reliable VPN service.
  • Faster option. In contrast to VPNs, proxy servers provide a connection at a steady speed of up to 100 MB regardless of the volume of other users causing a load.
  • Lower ping. This characteristic is essential for online players.

Proxy servers are the greatest option for in-home usage in every way. Traffic encryption is a VPN’s benefit. Nonetheless, it’s hard to envision a typical content consumer choosing encryption over a fast Internet connection, for example, when watching movies.

People with Internet-related professions (social media marketers, network solution developers and testers, traffic arbitrators, and analysts) rely on these limitations. One well-known and trustworthy method for getting around hurdles at work is proxying:

  • Testing and development. The proxy is vital for checking the operation of equipment and software, access to the necessary Internet sites;
  • It allows you to manage several clients simultaneously, which is important for multi-accounts on various social networks.
  • Marketing and analytics. Proxy facilitates the automated collection of data from open sources for subsequent analysis.

Proxying is an essential technique that will continue to gain prominence over time. It’s crucial to remember that selecting a trustworthy service provider is critical when you decide to buy a https proxy. It will determine the caliber of the connection and customer service.

How to select a reliable provider

Let’s examine the qualities of a trustworthy proxy server provider using as an example. To have the best possible experience, it’s important to consider the level of customer service and technological skills.

Customer service

Making the service user-friendly is a complex undertaking. It calls for attentive feedback and a customized approach to each client. Users may communicate directly with the operator using a chat window on the website. They can ask technical support queries using the feedback form. It operates around the clock, and its experts are available to respond to any queries that may come up while it’s in use.

The service respects its customers and their time. Therefore, it benefits clients in numerous ways:

  • No registration on the site. You can generate a personal account automatically during the first order. The code will be sent to the email address specified during registration.
  • Abundance of payment methods available. The platform supports bank cards from different countries (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Europe), electronic money and wallets, payment services (AdvCash, Perfect Money, Lava, PayPal, Payeer, Free-Kassa, Capitalist, etc.), and cryptocurrencies.

If you aim for easy configuration and maintenance of proxies, the developers have made their own browser extensions (Proxy-solutions setup). They add them to stores, so that you can easily access them. Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox can use them. Viber and Telegram messengers have chatbots that are as useful as the website.

Technical support of the service

The platform offers a comprehensive solution. It has everything you need to operate through a proxy. The website features a blog with informative posts and a collection of Network Tools that make managing proxies much easier:

  • Format converter. It allows you to quickly and easily convert proxy lists from one format to another.
  • Proxy checker. It’ll help check the performance of the proxy. The extracted results can be filtered, taking into account several characteristics, and displayed in different formats.
  • My IP. It shows comprehensive information obtained based on IP addresses and other session data.

The website’s “Free Proxies” section deserves special attention. It encourages users to use an open proxy server and can arrange results according to port forwarding, location, anonymity degree, and supported protocols. The list dynamically updates every minute to reflect the most recent information.

Clients can enjoy all Network Tools’ features, including API access, for free. Website users will need to pay for a membership or utilize the tools in a rather limited manner.

The company is proud of its primary offering, personal proxies. The service uses custom-created software to arrange proxying. It ensures the highest level of connection quality and stability.

Let’s take a look at the service list:

  • Mobile proxies — proxying through the IP addresses of mobile phone companies;
  • Mobile proxies plus — proxying through the IP addresses of mobile phone companies with the ability (function) to select the city and the desired operator;
  • Personal proxies — a standard type of proxying, suitable when no other solutions are required;
  • Package proxies — personal proxies combined into packages at a reduced price per 1 unit;
  • Prime proxies — residential proxies with IP addresses of regular Internet providers;
  • City proxy — the main difference from other server proxies is the ability to select a specific city where the server is located;
  • UDP proxies — private IPv4 proxies with support for the UDP protocol;
  • multiprotocol proxies — private IPv4 proxies with support for Socks5+TLS, VLESS+TLS, Shadowsocks, Trojan+TLS.

All offers comprise unlimited traffic at speeds of up to 30 Mb/s for proxying through mobile phone companies and 100 Mb/s for servers. Moreover, you can find IP addresses from many countries. They’re available from Europe, Asia, India, Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, the USA, Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Azerbaijan. You may buy for as little as one day or as long as a year. Ultimately, you can extend the period, replace IP addresses, and change their quantity in the order.

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