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Tradon Review – The Best Broker For You

Tradon Review - The Best Broker For You

If you’re looking for a broker with a lot of trading options coupled with other amazing perks, then you should consider Tradon. Despite being a new kid on the trading block, Tradon has refused to settle for less. They came on the brokerage scene, armed with several packages for new and existing traders. This includes swift trading execution, deposit bonuses, trading strategies, quick news updates, and fascinating features.

All these make trading with Tradon a great adventure. The company hopes to simplify the trading experience and make trading attractive to many. They do this by creating a simple platform where even newbie traders can get started easily.

Who Owns Tradon?

Tradon is an online trading broker that is operated by Ingenue Consulting LLC. The company has its registered address on First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank LTD Building, James Street Kingstown, St Vincent and the Grenadines. The broker started operations in 2021; therefore, they are quite new in the game. However, there are several great offerings to boost traders’ experience.

Overview of Tradon

Tradon currently boasts of over 470+ thousand active traders with over 74+ million positions opened and about 1,500+ billion in traded capital. With such a trading base, Tradon seems to be very solid and established. Currently, traders can only trade using the Webtrader platform on the website. From there, you can access up to 2000 financial assets, including forex, stocks, commodities, and indices.

That said, Tradon is very big on the safety and security of their customer’s funds and information. They put in stringent measures to ensure that traders can trade without fear or worry. This includes utilizing the latest bank-grade SSL technology, segregated storage of clients’ funds and a solid customer support system.

Account Types

Tradon features three types of accounts for different categories of traders. The first is the Cent Account. The minimum deposit amount for this account type is €500. Cent account owners receive a 20% welcome bonus and have access to 500 trading instruments. Maximum leverage on this account is 1:100.

The next grade is the Pro Trader Account. This involves a lower deposit limit of €2,500 and a welcome perk of 25% on deposit. Traders on this level can trade up to 1,500 assets and enjoy up to 1:200 leverage. The ultimate account is the Prime Account. Deposits of €25,000 and above enter traders into this level. The account includes a 30% welcome bonus and access to 1,700 instruments. Also, traders enjoy 1:300 leverage which is the highest leverage from this broker.

Trade Like A Pro

Trading financial assets has never been so easy. Tradon makes it seamless for new and experienced traders to trade profitably. They have different structures in place to ensure that their clients are making wise and calculated trading decisions. This includes the following:

Analysis and Strategies For Trading

This makes trading as simple as it can be. Dealers can easily gain insight into any of the assets with thorough analysis provided.

Wide Data Tables and Economic Calendar

Traders can also improve their trading analysis with access to wide data tables at Tradon. The special economic calendar also ensures that you’re not missing out on any important event that could spark volatility. With all these in place, trading will be less stressful.

Access to News Update

Get access to every news that could impact trading. Tradon provides traders with the latest happenings in the world that concerns the financial market. This provides an edge, thereby fostering profitable trading.

Interactive Web Trading Platform

Traders can also properly handle their trading with the simplified and interactive web trader. This gives access to simple and advanced charts, limit and market orders, stop loss and take profit orders, different chart windows, and other amazing features. All these, combined with the aforementioned features, give clients the confidence to operate their trades.

Leverage and Bonuses

Multiply your trading ability with up to 1:300 leverage available at Tradon. This makes you able to get good returns no matter how small your initial deposit is. Besides, clients also get bonuses on their deposits. This includes an extra amount on the deposit amount.

Tradon makes traders better at their craft by providing every necessary tool. All these contribute to the love and affinity of many to the broker. Traders who are looking to maximize their choices can open an account at Tradon and try out the various available options.

Their Mission

Tradon entered the trading business to create a better alternative and provide trading solutions. Having studied the financial trading sector for a long while, Tradon came in to demystify the complexities of asset trading. They believe that everyone deserves a chance to enter the market and know how it works. That is why they have broken down the complexities into easy bits that everyone can understand.

Furthermore, experienced traders will also have all their needs met on the advanced trading platform. The broker also upholds certain values that guide their operations. These include:

Transparency and Honesty

Tradon believes that every client deserves to be treated honestly and that brokers should be transparent in their financial charges. That is why they go the extra mile to ensure every trader sees how every charge is deducted. They hope to build confidence in the hearts of their clients through their transparency and honesty.

Constant Innovation

There are always regular add-ons on the Webtrader platform to ensure that it meets present-day needs. Therefore, users of Tradon can carry out their trades with the input of the latest innovations in financial asset trading.

Smooth Trading Process

As we highlighted earlier, Tradon simplifies financial trading. But much more than this, they try to make the trading journey smooth for new traders. Truly, no one becomes an expert trader overnight. Tradon understands this and tries to smoothen the experience as traders strive to become better.

What They Aim For?

Tradon came on the brokerage scene to provide a simple yet professional trading option. The aim was to ensure easy and smooth trading for everyone looking to trade financial assets. This desire has driven Tradon to provide the latest technology in their trading offers. They offer dealers the option of crafting their trading desires into reality.

Another motivation for Tradon is customer feedback. The goal is to formulate trading solutions from a survey of customer issues. All these keep the broker on its feet as they always update their services based on customer feedback and complaints. Those that are new to trading can also acquire the needed know-how to get started easily.

That said, Tradon hopes to create a platform where trading execution is fast and instant. The speed of execution is a game-changer in the financial markets. This is especially necessary when the market is extremely volatile. This vision of fast execution became a reality with the Webtrader platform hosted on Tradon.

You can start trading today and enjoy all these offers and more when you sign up. Register at Tradon today to get started!

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