Trading Card Game Era7 Closes Successful Seed Round led by HashKey, Huobi, Okcoin and Leading Blockchain Institutions

Era7 Game of Truth NFT Trading Card Game

SingaporeBrand new gamefi project Era7: Game of Truth has announced its successful close of seed rounds. They are backed by some of the well-established blockchain institutions and VCs such as Hashkey, Huobi, Okcoin, Binary Capital, DAG, Waterdrip, Dreamseeker, BTC12, Tembusu and Mobox. The BSC-based game will release its first batch of NFTs in December 2021.

Leveraging on the current trend towards DeFi and NFT, the play-to-earn model is now the de facto model on GameFi. NFT games have been taking a hold in the gaming space and traditional developers are crossing over to GameFi. Era7 core team developers come from international South Korean game manufacturers like Nexon, NCsoft, Com2uS, and Netmarble, companies with over 15 years of success in the video gaming industry. 

Game of Truth – Easy, Fun and you Play-to-Earn

Looking to attract all levels of players, the Game of Truth is a relatively straightforward game, not requiring prior knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Players collect cards to fight and defeat their opponents. For the trading card gaming aficionados, they will appreciate the exquisitely designed and excellent quality of the 1000-card Era7 card deck. Each card embodies  different values ​​and attributes and players are able to come up with unlimited card combination strategies in the mildly competitive 3-minute games. 

The economic incentives driving the game are a huge motivation for players. This earning aspect as well as the simplicity and fun aspects of the game will appeal to the wider audience of gamers.

Statistic show that the overall gaming market worldwide will reach US$175.8 billion in 2021with the total number of players reaching 3 billion, and the global Collectible Card Game market size itself which was US$9,949.63 million in 2019 is expected to reach US$ 27,294.79 million by the end of 2026. With their distinctive card combination, Era7 has targeted a market-oriented approach right from the start.  As early as 2018, they have developed and perfected their game, having amassed a user base of over 10 million players. 

Can Game of Truth stand out from its competitors right now?

Their content is alleged to be well-designed and supporting innovative gaming. That it is crafted for mildly competitive bouts allows players of all levels to find their place in the game. This combination of rich gaming content in lightly competitive mode is not common in gamefi at the moment.

Targeted at both the traditional TCG crowd and the crypto gamers, if they succeed to attract both communities, they will be looking at a huge market of gamers. The play-to-earn model with NFT assets will bring both game developers and players together to mutually produce value that both can benefit from.

What’s Next for Era7

Next up is their debut NFT Drop in December 2021. 1 billion Era tokens will be issued with over half used for in-game incentives. In-game rewards, daily participation in PVP (player versus player) competitions, land pledges and marketplace purchases are some of the ways that Era tokens can be obtained. The cherry on the cake is that the Era tokens can then be exchanged for cryptocurrency which are tradable on exchanges. 

Future plans include game designs to include ranked games and world cup games. Besides attracting traditional esport stars to join, Era7 will groom its own stars. Down the line in 2022 to 2028, plans to build a scalable competitive ecosystem encompassing a live broadcast platform, an esports community, an animation series and developing GameFi IP are all in the works. In addition, there is intent to deploy the most advanced User Experience engine on the Era7 platform to launch a competitive product based on the metaverse. 

About Era7: Game of Truth

Era7: Game of Truth is a Play-To-Earn NFT-based trading card game (TCG). It offers the perfect combination of traditional gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi) to gamers, bringing an entertaining gaming experience while providing an avenue to earn. 

According to Era7 ancient folklore, the seven races on the continent of Truth battle against each other for supremacy all year long, to vy for the title “King of Truth”. The victor from the Game of Truth emerges as the ruler of the continent whereby he and his race then enjoy the highest honors in the land. 

Founded by core team members from internationally renowned game developers with over 15 years of valuable experience such as Com2uS, NCsoft, Nexon, and Netmarble, Era7 is backed by heavyweight VCs and blockchain institutions such as Hashkey, Huobi Group, OKcoin, Binary Capital, DAG, Waterdrip, Dreamseeker, BTC12, Tembusu and Mobox.

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