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Tradeviz Review: Open An Account In 3 Simple Steps

Opening an account in a brokerage platform can be quite tricky. It involves multiple steps. Often, many have walked away from a particular brokerage platform because the account opening process is tedious.

What’s interesting is that if the account opening processes are seamless, you will be attracting more clients. You might be wondering how.

The account opening process will ensure that the referral chances will increase. Your current customers will refer your product to others.

Tradeviz Promises a very smooth account opening process. They understand that it could be the first hurdle that anyone faces. They ensure that this hurdle is no more troublesome. You don’t have to be demoralized by lacking documentation or a long account opening process or anything as such.

In this article, we will look into the process of account opening with them. So, without any further delay, let us dive deep into their account opening process. 

Account Types – The Best Suited for You

The right match for your trading personality is important. The right account type will only help you to land the perfect trading score. The first step is the selection of the right account type. They come along with three different types of accounts.

  1. Silver account: This account is only for beginners. With the leverage of 200:1, they offer advanced charting tools for every trader. 
  2. Gold account type: The gold account is for those who have spent more than five years in trading. with the higher leverage better charting tools and swap discounts, you can avail of further features. 
  3. Platinum account type: The Platinum account type is for professionals. With the royal features all at your disposal, you can experience a true trading bonanza. 

The easy verification process and account opening

The verification process is quite seamless. You are made aware of the documents that are required by Tradeviz. The KYC process is quite stringent in other brokerage platforms, but they have made it very flexible. You can find the list of the documents required from the website.

This process ensures that the account is in the name of a legal person. And honestly, this is quite seamless.

Easy deposit and withdrawal process

Now that the account is finally created, you need to deposit the amount into the account to start trading. But before you go ahead and do it, you need to ensure that all your documents are verified.

Most importantly, take special care about the proof of ID and residence.

Tradeviz Has a dedicated deposit and withdrawal team to ensure that you don’t face any obstacles in this. With zero deposit and withdrawal charges and high-quality security, you can have a peaceful sleep while transacting through them.

Withdrawals are very safe and very guaranteed. If you want to withdraw the profits that you made lately, all you need to do is raise a request and the withdrawal is under process.

Conclusion: The right trading account will ensure that the customers don’t break a sweat. Tradeviz promises about it and ensures that you stay a step ahead of your peers with the best customer service. 

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