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TradeStation Review 2022

Tradestation may be one of the greatest platforms to take into consideration if you are looking for a platform to purchase and hold investments, trade in cryptocurrencies, stocks, shares, futures prices, etc. We will go in-depth about everything you need to know about this TradeStation in this article. 

TradeStation History

William (Bill) and Rafael (Ralph) Cruz developed TradeStation to develop a platform for designing, testing, and automating their unique trading strategies. 

Bill as a young boy, started learning about trading, and the brothers pooled $2,400 to create a futures trading account in two years. To create charts, they gathered trading data, which were then used to evaluate trading hypotheses. Without formal coding training, Bill started to explore ideas on his own, which led to the creation of EasyLanguage, the organization’s coding language for non-specialists. 

Omega is the product of Bill and Ralph’s decision research, their first business. The tools that the brothers supplied allowed customers to test their trading techniques without any prior knowledge of computer technology. Omega Research developed TradeStation in 1991.

What is TradeStation? 

TradeStation is the parent company of online securities, futures brokerage, and technological trading firms. The program for technical analysis and electronic trading platform that TradeStation offers to the active trader and some institutional trader markets are its two main selling points. 

For serious investors searching for a trading environment that is exclusive to experts, TradeStation is a fantastic choice.

In truth, TradeStation used to only serve professional brokers and money managers. Now that the company has dropped the minimum investment requirement for its TS GO offering to $0 and reduced the trading market with fees set at $0. Ordinary investors can get access to the high-octane tools the company offers.

Experienced investors will be more interested in the broker’s T.S. Select plan, which typically requires an initial $2,000 investment, but grants access to every available tool and free trades from the potent TradeStation ten Desktop platform.

TradeStation provides more than 2,000 funds; however, none of them are transaction fee-free.

A separate financial subscription or expenditure is necessary to access various functions for people who do not fulfill the trading minimums or have specified accounts. Additionally, accounts that don’t achieve certain trade minimums or balance requirements are subject to a $50 annual cost from TradeStation for inactivity. 

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TradeStation Features

Trading Products

TradeStation can support any sort of fashion of trading, and as we continue to examine TradeStation, we’ll share more information regarding some of these goods. However, below is a high-level breakdown for your convenience:


In addition to providing cutting-edge stock exchange technologies, TradeStation additionally offers a huge selection of intelligence and data in the form of free real-time market data packages and enormous historical stock market data. 

● ETFs

TradeStation provides more than 2,000 distinct ETF investment alternatives.

● Options

Along with the Options Trading Dashboard, access will be given to position graphs and Options Chains to help you trade more efficiently and effectively, as well as a wealth of resources for experienced and beginner options traders.

● Futures

Backtesting, contract views, historical data, a selection of charting tools, and the option to interact with other transaction types are all accessible through TradeStation. 

● IPOs

In addition to ClickIPO, TradeStation serves as a broker for buying initial public offerings (IPO) stocks. By offering watchlists, notifications, and a large selection of IPOs to peruse, TradeStation makes sure you don’t miss out on a promising IPO.

● Crypto

A good selection of cryptocurrency trading tools is available in TradeStation. It currently only accepts LTC, BCH, USDC, BTC, and ETH. However, it is possible to buy, sell, and invest in cryptocurrencies while earning interest. 

TradeStation Overview 

TradeStation users may now make commission-free options, exchange-traded funds, and stock trades thanks to the launch of its TS, GO, and TS Select plans. 10,000 shares are the maximum number of shares that can be traded for free on TS GO and TS Select; greater volume traders have two other pricing options to select from.

Although there are no commission fees associated with options trading, there is a contract fee of $0.50 per contract.

Users of TradeStation can trade some cryptocurrencies as well as equities, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, options, and futures. However, forex traders should go elsewhere.

The outstanding desktop platform that TradeStation offers to TS Select clients is its most well-known feature. For users to build, monitor, test, and automate their unique trading strategies for options, stocks, and futures, it provides many tools, direct market access, and automatic trade execution.

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TradeStation FAQs

How do I place a trade?

On the TradeStation platform, orders can be placed using the Order Bar, Matrix Chart Trading, Market Depth Window, Macros, Hot Keys, and automated techniques.

What exactly does “liquidity aggregation” entail, and why is it significant?

Fragmented markets are a result of the fact that orders are frequently compared to orders from other customers on the same “exchange” where cryptocurrencies are exchanged.

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