TradeSanta Allows Big Volumes Of Crypto Trading with a New Feature.

Bitcoin has certainly changed the centuries old traditional financial systems the world over. Loved and hated by people and governments, it was still one opportunity for people to invest in a digital asset that increased in value over time.

When Vitalik Buterin introduced his Ethereum platform, he brought in a revolution in an already disruptive industry. The Ethereum platform allowed anyone to create his or her own tokens that could piggy back on the main chain. Overnight, hundreds and thousands of platforms popped up that utilized the Ethereum blockchain to run their own.

Specialized industries launched using their own native tokens. The platforms catered to a number of organizations with specific objectives in mind. Medical healthcare, real estate and even gaming platforms were kicked off. Each unique token had its own infrastructure and characteristics.

Token Exchanges and Bots

These tokens varied in value and possibilities of increase in their worth. Different coins that increased and dropped in value meant that the industry saw another way on how people could increase their wealth. The era of crypto trading started.

Specialized trading platforms opened up. They worked on the same principles of traditional exchanges, where brokers, investors and enthusiasts could trade different coins and cash in on the fluctuating values to increase their portfolio value.  Trading has become a very profitable business for people and organizations around the world. However, with technology evolving at a rapid pace, the human reaction time has been overtaken by automated trading bots. Specialized software allow people to trade faster than ever. With this software, a trade is executed as soon as set conditions are met. Manual, human interference trading is so slow that at times, even before a person can initiate a trade, the bots have completed the competing trade and even moved on to the next.

It is these little time advantages that have made bots popular in crypto exchanging. With wild fluctuations happening every second of the day, bots are the ultimate trading tool that can keep one ahead of the game.

TradeSanta: Trading Bot

TradeSanta is a crypto trading bot that is designed to be extremely friendly and programmable. The bot supports major crypto exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, HitBTC and Bitfinex. The program includes a wizard mode that can help traders set up the bot to execute trades in minutes.

No need to download anything, TradeSanta is an online cloud software. Bot parameters are set and traders then chose a trading pair. Once the pair has been selected, the trader can set his or her chosen trading strategy, whether long or short. Other settings include the profit level the trader seeks.

Once the instructions are fed into the TradeSanta bot, it can start working immediately. Depending upon the parameters, the bot will only execute a trade when the technical indicators from the data received by the crypto exchange matches the ones set by user.  At first, the bot will buy the base crypto according to the amount set in the initial setup of the bot.

Once the initial order is executed and trading deals are open, the bot uses the Take Profit order and sets more orders to be executed in line. Besides if the market goes in the opposite to trader’s strategy direction, bot will place extra orders according to user’s settings to increase the position and have a chance to get desired take profit percent with a smaller price recovery in the future.  Extra orders are designed to capitalize on the ever changing price of cryptos and adapt the trading strategy under different market conditions.

Smart Order

Recently, TradeSanta has updated its trading bot to introduce another feature that it calls Smart Order. Smart Order is designed to sell or to buy a set amount of assets, depending upon the period of time or the total trading volume. All the user has to do is input the amount of crypto and select either the trade by period of time (TWAP) option or the volume trading option (VWAP).

With this feature, traders can execute large amount of crypto volumes, without affecting the market.  The option is initially available to traders on the Binance platform, with others being developed.

About TradeSanta

Launched in November, 2018, the TradeSanta bot uses a simple, yet powerful interface that gives traders the edge they need to succeed. TradeSanta team is an active player that is always available on their ever increasing Telegram channel to help and support its users.

All in all, the TradeSanta is the perfect bot for novice and advanced users who can take advantage of the lightening quick responses, adaptive Extra Order feature and the Smart Order to ensure that they have the highest chances of making profits on their investments and trades.

For more information, visit the TradeSanta website:

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