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Traders Union: RaceOption Is One Of The Best Brokers For Binary Options Trading

Best Brokers For Binary Options Trading by Traders Union

Since there are now a few options available to binary options traders, binary options trading is quickly rising to the top of the list of the most popular ways to play the stock market. But while many are intrigued by the prospect of making a lot of money quickly using these ostensibly transparent options, far too few invest the time to research the top brokers for this type of trading. RaceOption has been rated as one of the top binary brokers by TU experts in this article.

Compared to traditional forex trading, binary options trading offers a quicker and simpler approach. A trader can experience significant gains in a short amount of time, but he can also suffer significant losses in a short amount of time. That’s why Traders Union experts did a big analytical work to investigate binary trading strategies and determined the bests strategies.

The Fundamental Elements of an Effective Strategy for Trading Binary Options.


It’s smart to create your own signal plan when using a binary options strategy that lacks one. Signals are alerts from traders, algorithms, and indicators that save time monitoring the market. Do your research first, but signals can be useful for day trading binary options.

Risk Management

Managing risk is crucial in binary options trading due to the high level of risk. Experts risk no more than 1-5% of their total capital per trade, and we recommend beginners not exceed 1%. A sound strategy will minimize mistakes and losses. Initially, calculate your position size for each trade; later, pick a consistent number to trade with.


A strike price represents the execution price of a particular contract, and it holds significant importance in developing a robust strategy for binary options trading. It is crucial to establish clear criteria for selecting strike prices as part of a solid trading approach. For instance, if a trader anticipates that a specific option will not reach a designated price target, they should consider selling binary strikes above the target price using the same type of binary option. An effective strategy will provide precise instructions on how traders should respond to different strike prices.

Emotional Control

Emotional control is essential in binary options trading, which is highly volatile. A sound strategy must prioritize it to avoid making bad decisions and inaccurate predictions for profitability. To improve emotional control, start with a demo account when beginning trading.

How to choose the best binary broker.

Many times, traders find several binary options brokers in the rating list that best meet their trading objectives. In such situations, Traders Union experts recommend considering the following factors when choosing a binary broker:

  1. Broker’s Experience: TradersUnion experts advise against relying on binary brokers that have been established only 1-2 years ago. These companies lack the necessary experience to handle crises and may not prioritize their reputation like more seasoned brokers.
  2. Regulation: It is crucial to avoid unlicensed binary brokers, as they may be fraudulent or involved in financial pyramid schemes. Traders Union experts suggest selecting a broker with a level 1-4 license from a recognized regulatory body.

Offices and Representative Offices: Binary brokers registered in the British Virgin Islands with a physical office presence there should be given serious consideration. Reputable binary options brokers that have a proven track record often have a network of representative offices.

Trading Terms: Each binary broker offers different trading and non-trading commissions and a varying number of assets. Assessing the convenience of working with a particular broker requires considering all these factors collectively.

Customer Service Quality: The best binary brokers prioritize high-quality technical support, which reflects their work approach and ensures prompt customer assistance. Avoid brokers with slow, ineffective, or unresponsive customer service.

Customer Reviews and Feedback: Customer reviews and feedback hold significant value, but it is essential to rely on unbiased sources such as Traders Union rather than reviews posted solely on the broker’s own platform. Visit impartial websites to access more trustworthy information.

Traders Union Rating: Many people rightly consider the Traders Union rating as a key criterion. Traders Union experts evaluate the best binary brokers based on the parameters mentioned above and several other elements, ensuring an objective and comprehensive broker rating.

So, why Raceoption broker?

TU experts want you to be aware of Raceoption broker, a global broker that offers the chance to trade binary options as well as profit from the forex market and copy trading. The company’s main goal is to work with traders of all skill levels, from amateurs to seasoned pros, whether they prefer active trading or passive income. 

Regardless of the chosen account type, trading conditions are the same for all traders. In addition to the demo account, Raceoption has three accounts. There is no need to install software on your computer to conduct trading because it is done through a web platform. 

Both using the terminal and keeping an account is free of commission. Raceoption is regarded as one of the best by TU experts because it offers multiple asset groups, a referral program, and the option to copy other traders’ trades in order to profit without engaging in active trading yourself.

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