Traders Union explains how to open XTB demo Account

Traders Union explains how to open XTB demo Account

As a newbie, you can open a free XTB account to see if the trading platform provides a secure atmosphere. A demo account lets you explore every aspect of the broker’s platform. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to practice several tactics. The web XTB platform features an easy-to-use interface, and the mobile app has all the price alerts.

If you’re new to trading or the platform, the XTB trial account is an excellent place to start. But how will you open your XTB demo account if you’re new to the website? How would this free account benefit you? Will you be able to use various features?

Fortunately, Traders Union expert recently explained the steps for creating an XTB demo account.

Continue reading to find out.

How to open an XTB Demo account

Step 1 – Log on to XTB official site.

Visit the website and navigate to the page to create your demo account. A registration page will be available for risk-free signup. 

The free account is also linked on the XTB home page. As a result, you can discover more about the broker before creating an account.  

Step 2 – Fill in the necessary details

The quick registration form will ask you to fill out the following fields:

  •     Country of residence
  •     Email address

The broker will inform you about the regulatory organization in charge of your protection. For example, the Financial Conduct Authority will protect you if you are from the United Kingdom.

Step 3 – Customize your email address

The broker will need further information, such as your phone number, name, strong password, and account type. 

Step 4 – Verify your details 

It is optional because XTB does not require you to validate your profile details immediately. You can begin trading with a free account. However, confirmation is required to move to the live account.

Your sample account is now ready for use.

How to switch from an XTB Demo account to a live account

Most XTB traders open both demo and real accounts. It is simple and quick to go from a demo account to a real one. When you begin using the genuine account, there is no need to re-enter the information.

A drop-down menu appears in the interface’s right-hand corner. This menu has choices for switching between demo mode and a real account.

You can continue trading on the demo account while moving to a genuine XTB account. To use the live account, you must first upload documents to the website (such as proof of address and identity). Fill out a form and wait for your account to be verified. Start trading by funding your account with a small deposit.

The XTB interface is one of the most user-friendly on the market. It appears to have been designed by traders for traders.

XTB Demo Account Review

Trying it in demo mode is highly worth it, even if you only want to see what it’s like to use cutting-edge technology.

Additional reasons to try an XTB Demo account include:

  •     Faster execution times
  •     Extremely dependable trading infrastructure
  •     Trader’s calculator, performance statistics, and trading sentiment charts
  •     Market order depth tracking

Pros of XTB Demo account

  •     Four weeks of risk-free trading
  •     $100k virtual funds. 
  •     1500+ global CFD markets. 
  •     Trade FX, Indices, Shares & Commodities. 
  •     It has Powerful platforms, including MT4.

Cons of XTB Demo account.

  • The XTB sample account is restricted, but you can always open another.
  • The broker offers a restricted selection of base currencies.
  • IFSC traders have greater spreads with XTB, but more account types are available.
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