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Traders Union Experts Reviews Earn2Trade Scaling Plan

Traders Union Experts Reviews Earn2Trade Scaling Plan

For Traders to compound their earnings for future potential gains and significantly increase their account’s buying power, then participating in scaling plans in prop trading becomes inevitable.

There are a plethora of prop firms with various scaling plans. However, in this piece, we discuss the Earn2Trade scaling plan – one of the best in the industry. Traders Union experts recently reviewed the Earn2Trade scaling plan, highlighting the different packages and how to become a funded trader.

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What is Earn2Trade?

Earn2Trade is a proprietary trading company established in the United States in 2016 by developers, educators, and traders who wanted to assist others in obtaining funding to trade. The Platform allows users to join a proprietary trading company as a professional trader and provides education to traders.

What is Earn2Trade Scaling Plan?

Earn2Trade Scaling Plan, according to Traders Union experts, refers to the evaluation program that allows traders to start with a lesser account size and subsequently scale up to a larger one by reaching profit targets and other requirements.

How to Become an Earn2Trade Funded Trader?

The Earn2Trade scaling plan is intended to help traders progress their careers by improving capital allocation and potential profits through a bespoke trading firm. Traders Union experts explained that The program is divided into levels, each with its requirements and profit-sharing systems. By completing a qualifying evaluation and paying a membership fee, traders can advance to the funded trader level.

They can then advance to higher levels by accomplishing specific profit goals and following the program’s regulations and risk management standards. As traders advance through the levels, they receive access to more funds, larger profit splits, and the opportunity to profit.

However, their profit will be divided, so they must monitor it. The program is intended to give traders a systematic path to professional trading and access to higher amounts of capital.

Earn2Trade Scaling Plan Packages

Each package has its own set of restrictions and profit-sharing structures, and traders can advance through the levels as they achieve the program’s requirements. The packages are intended to offer traders a systematic path to professional trading and access to bigger sums of capital.

Earn2Trade is available in two packages: TCP50 and TCP25. It is best to begin with the basic plans. Based on the amount, you might proceed to subsequent plans.

  • TCP25

TCP25 stands for Traders Capital Plan 25, and it demands a deposit of $25000. It is available with a $90 monthly membership plan. You can reset the round if you do not clear it. The account, however, will only be reset if you rebill it. The account will not be reset otherwise.

  • TCP50

The TCP50 Program is known as the Traders Capital Plan 50, and it denotes the $50,000 in the capital you will receive if you pass the evaluation account and acquire the funding. The monthly subscription package is $190. If you do not pass the account, it will continue to be billed until you pass it.

Evaluation program account rules.

Traders Union experts further explained that Individuals who participate in the Scaling Plan Earn2Trade plan must strictly adhere to all the restrictions. Individuals must verify that they are catering to the plans appropriately because there are two types of plans: TCP25 and TCP50. The following are the primary assessment program accounting standards that you must follow:

  • The bare minimum for trade days is 15 days.
  • Don’t go over your daily loss limit. TCP25 has a daily loss limit of $550, while TCP50 has a loss limit of $1100.
  • Make sure you only trade on allowed days. Trading that occurs outside of the approved days will not be counted.
  • Follow the progression ladder to the letter.
  • Stick to the program.
  • Avoid exceeding the minimum loss limit for the total balance. TCP25 has a $1500 account loss limit, whereas TCP50 has a $2000 account loss limit.
  • To secure the account and get funded, try to meet the profit target within 15 days.
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