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Traders Union experts rank FBS bonuses among the best offered by forex brokers

Traders Union experts rank FBS bonuses among the best offered by forex brokers

Trading bonuses are promotional incentives offered by brokerage companies to entice clients to use their systems. The bonus might come in the form of a fixed percentage or a cash gift given to the trader upon opening a new account. Why are the FBS bonuses the best so far?

 Choosing a trading platform or a Forex broker to put your trust in can be difficult when you are starting out in trading. In that case, a bonus policy can be a defining factor in solving this dilemma. One significant advantage of trading with FBS is the wide range of tools, resources, and Forex bonuses available. TU experts reveal the question of why FBS bonuses are more appealing.  

About the FBS broker

FBS ( is a global broker with operations in 190 countries. The brokerage firm has been in business for over ten years and has received approximately 40 international awards during that time. It offers adaptable conditions for forex trading and is governed by CySEC. The company offers its clients the opportunity to trade indices, futures contracts, exotic currencies, and metals in addition to conventional currency pairs.

What bonuses does FBS offer?

 For traders, FBS provides a number of bonuses. You can use one or more of the bonuses available when you open an account with FBS to get your trading going. Some have been highlighted for you by Traders Union experts.

      100% deposit bonus

The FBS 100 bonus is an appropriate bonus for traders who want to begin trading with a sizable sum. You can double your deposit with the FBS 100% deposit bonus. With this bonus, your trading is twice as efficient because you receive 100% of the money you deposited. With this bonus, you can trade 35 currency pairs and 4 metals.

To receive the bonus, all you need to do is fund your account. The broker doubles the money you have deposited into your account when you activate this bonus. You can open positions with a higher value as a result. The maximum bonus amount that FBS will award under this program, as noted by TU experts, is $10,000.

Quick Start Bonus

You receive $100 to begin trading as part of the FBS Quick Start bonus. The bonus, however, is restricted to use on the FBS Trader mobile trading platform. Therefore, you must create a free bonus account in FBS Trader in order to receive this bonus.

The bonus is only accessible through FBS Trader, the company’s mobile trading platform, according to Traders Union experts. Along with the bonus, the broker also provides you with a 7-step trading education program. It also teaches you how to research important trading resources and initiate your first trade. 

Additionally, risk management and mitigation will be covered.  After that, you can transfer this money to the Standard account in the FBS Trader mobile trading app once you’ve made a profit. As a result, you can increase your trading experience, understand how to use the app, and receive $100.

Level Up Bonus

Depending on the platform where you open an account, the FBS Level Up bonus gives you between $70 and $140. The web version gives you $70, while the mobile app gives you $140. You receive a set of educational materials to improve your trading skills in addition to the money. Without making a cash deposit first, you can start trading with the bonus money.

There are no specific terms for the FBS Level Up bonus, according to the TU research. You only need to create an account on the broker’s website or mobile application.

FBS Referral Bonus

Referral bonuses are one of the best ways for brokers like FBS to figuratively “spread the word” about the broker’s services and trading terms. Referrals may need to trade a certain volume as part of the bonus requirements after they open a real account with the FBS, but there are some restrictions.

Once these requirements have been satisfied, both the trader and their referrer will be qualified for the referral bonus.

These bonuses, in the opinion of TU experts, are tools that traders can use to succeed, and FBS is a sizable and reputable broker that offers traders a variety of account types, flexible and dynamic trading options, and powerful trading platforms. Aside from the guarantee that both novice and experienced traders are accepted, traders are also given access to some of the most advantageous trading conditions.


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