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Traders Union Analysts publish a review of the XTB Affiliate Program

Traders Union Analysts publish a review of the XTB Affiliate Program

More opportunities will become available to you as you gain knowledge and develop your skills in Forex trading. One such is affiliate marketing. It is a market strategy of Sharing links with others. You receive a commission fee when someone clicks on the link, creates an account, and deposits money.

Traders Union analysts recently made the XTB Affiliate Program Review – Top Pros and Cons to make this topic more clear.

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How does the XTB affiliate program work?

The XTB Affiliate Program enables people or organizations to make money by introducing their networks to the company’s trading services. When an affiliate joins the program, they are given a unique referral link or banner that they can use to promote the program on their website, social media accounts, or other marketing platforms.

After clicking the referral link, the affiliate is paid a commission on the trading activity of new customers who register trading accounts with XTB. The commission structure and payout schedule depend on the kind of account a new customer opens and their location.

Through an XTB dashboard, affiliates can monitor their referral activity and earnings. To aid affiliates in promoting the company’s services, the company may additionally offer marketing materials and other tools emphasize Traders Union analysts.

It’s significant to note that the Introducing Broker and Affiliate programs differ. The IB program is targeted more at businesses and institutions that can offer their clients extra services, such as trading education, risk management, and market analysis.

How do you get paid in the XTB affiliate program?

As an XTB affiliate, you will be compensated for the trading activity of customers you refer to the platform. The fee structure and payout schedules differ based on the nation of origin and the type of account opened.

The sub-brokers will receive a 30-50% commission under the CPA or revenue-sharing model for XTB affiliates. Apply for the XTB referral program and wait three days for a partner activation number.

Commissions are usually paid monthly and can be deposited to your preferred payment method. Payment methods will vary depending on your location, but popular ones include bank transfer, PayPal, or a cheque.

XTB provides a dashboard where you can track your referral activity and revenue. You can see how many customers you introduced, how much trading activity they created, and how much commission you earned.

Traders Union advise to you remember that different terms and restrictions may apply depending on your location; reading the program’s terms and conditions before enrolling is critical.

Methods of Payment for XTB Affiliate Commission

Depending on the nation where the affiliate is based, there are different methods that the XTB Affiliate commission might be paid. The following are some examples of common payment methods:

  •     Bank Transfer: The affiliate’s bank account may receive a direct commission transfer. This approach makes transaction tracking simple and convenient.
  •     PayPal: The affiliate’s PayPal account may receive a commission. This technique makes it simple and quick to transfer money.
  •     Cheque: Commission may be paid through a cheque to the affiliate’s mailing address. However, the funds are delivered more slowly because the bank must clear the cheque. This method is also secure.
  •     E-wallets: E-wallets like Skrill or Neteller might receive a commission.

Few steps to refer a Friend

To refer a friend to the XTB Affiliate Program, follow these instructions:

·      Sign up for the affiliate program:

To refer a friend, you must first be an authorized XTB affiliate. The XTB website has an online application form that you can use to sign up.

·      Obtain your referral link or banner: 

After the approval of your application, you will be provided with a unique referral link or banner that you can use to advertise XTB.

·      Share the referral link

Share the referral link or banner on your website, social media accounts, and other marketing platforms. The link can also be sent to your loved ones via email or text. 

·      Your friend opens an account

When a person clicks on your referral link and registers for an XTB trading account, you will receive credit for the recommendation.

·      Monitor your referrals: 

An XTB dashboard allows you to keep tabs on your referral activity and revenue.

·      Receive your commission: 

Your commission will be paid as the referred client makes trades. Depending on the kind of account a new customer opens, their location, and the commission structure and payout schedule change.

Traders Union told that it’s also crucial to read the XTB Affiliate Program terms and conditions and ensure you abide by them and local referral marketing laws and regulations.

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