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Tradenet Review 2023

Tradenet Review

Tradenet has been built to enable you to become a consistently successful day trader. Consistently here is the operative word. That’s because Tradenet isn’t built exclusively for new traders, it’s meant to be a useful tool to both green traders and experienced traders alike.  It assists in helping you quickly become a consistently successful trader by providing everything from a self-study course with available coaching, to a day trading chat room. The platform even gives you the option to try paper trading.

Due to the wide range of trading programs and training courses it offers any trader can find something the is useful to them.

But as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. So, the question becomes how do they add value beyond simply offering the materials?

We’re going to dive into some of the features to help you make a more informed decision, but if you’re looking for a more in-depth review you should look into a more specific Tradenet review.

Value-add features

Now because Tradenet is built for everyone each of their services actually act independently from one another. In other words, if your brand new and don’t want to get steered in the wrong direction you can get the courses to start and avoid purchasing the access to the platforms chatroom. Likewise, if you’re a seasoned professional and you don’t need to learn about a fairly early concept like how to read a candlestick graph you can skip purchasing the material, although it’s worth mentioning they do offer more advanced courses like how to read a Japanese candlestick graph.

To determine what combination is best for you, let’s take a look at the main four features.


Unlike many other platforms that think of educational courses as a thing for only new traders, Tradenet provides educational courses for all levels of experience, intro to pro.

These are separated between a self-study section and non-self-study offering. With self-study courses targeted towards newer traders needing to develop their fundamental understanding of day trading.

Non-self-study courses are more advanced and intended for those that seriously want to increase their consistency in trading through learning advanced components of trading, generally offered through the platforms Star Trader Course.

Regardless of your experience there is probably a course that would add to your overall understanding of trading.

As an important note, Tradenet offers some of their introductory information for free


Tradenet offers several different ways to get coaching. The most basic being a one time on-hour session with a coach. From  their you’re able to upgrade into personal coaching going over your specific style or mentorship sessions that are an ongoing commitment and act kind of like having a teacher who has proven themselves in the market and will show you how they do it.

Chat room

On top of coaching and courses, Tradenet also offers a chatroom feature. Although, calling it a chatroom is perhaps an incorrect classification. Their chat room comes with real-time charts and graphs. Meaning it’s a live view of trades happening around the world from pros on all active trading days.

It does, however, have chatroom features, allowing you to speak with fellow traders and analysts to get their takes on what’s happening live.

Trading Services

Interestingly Tradenet acts as more than just an educational platform. They offer a demo trading challenge that lets you test your trading skills in a virtual account. This allows you to test new strategies without having to use real funds.

Additionally, and uniquely they also offer the ability to participate in a funded trading challenge. If you do well in this Tradenet will actually connect you with trading firm so you can become a funded trader. Meaning that you’ll get the chance to trade with a portfolio of funds that aren’t yours and get to keep a portion of the profits.

It’s important to note that Tradenet itself is not a funded trading platform, nor does it specify what the exact requirements are for them to connect you with a funded firm. As a result these feature should be considered a bonus instead of a guarantee.

But how much does it cost?

Like we mentioned, there isn’t a set price for Tradenet. Prices range from free, which give you access to their free courses but can go as high as $9,000. It ultimately depends on the features that you find you need. But because each feature is effectively a model you can scale up or down your subscription based on your needs at the time.

Should I use it?

Using Tradenet or any educational platform is going to end up being a matter of preference. If this article has peaked your curiosity then you may want to look into potentially using a trading journal. For that you might want to look at this article about the best trading journals. Or if you want to check out Tradenet directly you can click the link.

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