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Customers who have lost money as a result of Trademaxpro can turn to Zorya Capital for international financial fraud investigation services. Zorya Capital professionals are fully devoted to assisting victims of investment fraud.

Some victims claim that Zorya Capital helped them recover stolen funds.

Continue reading to learn more about Trademaxpro and how it can assist you as a trading broker.  This review was written to provide users with information about some of the service’s features while also directing their attention to others.

Consumer complaints with Trademaxpro have recently increased. The website appears to engage in dubious practises in order to defraud its investors. Trademaxpro is operating illegally, according to the FCA, and thereby breaking the law. 

Trademaxpro – Who Are They ?

Individuals can protect themselves from internet scammers by completing thorough research on any businesses or organisations to which they wish to donate money. Additional investors are very likely to have used the aforementioned services and provided feedback to the media on their experiences.


The website expressly bans any official organisation or agency from conducting any form of investigation to ensure regulatory compliance. The findings are really troubling. This should eliminate any temptation to join a joint venture. The fact that these persons are linked to websites that provide “automated trading software,” which are infamous for misleading practises, further adds to the public’s right to be cautious.

Traders can learn about the broker’s trustworthiness by reading reviews left by other traders who have used Trademaxpro in the past. Investors may make informed conclusions about the platform’s operating capabilities, customer service, and overall trading experience based on the assessments’ content.

Because of the lack of an oversight authority, Trademaxpro is effectively an unlicensed forex broker. If there was no regulation, investors would be deprived of safeguards, making it more difficult to hold anyone liable for the loss of their investments.

Presenting odd transactions ahead of time is a common tactic used by fraudulent internet trading systems to trick investors into thinking they would soon become wealthy. A future-oriented investor is more likely to increase their present investment. 

The brokerage will freeze the account and prevent access to the funds until the investor and their group have used up all available funds.

Numerous dubious enterprises may try to deceive unsuspecting investors by falsely claiming to be located in a regulated country and showing counterfeit regulatory authorizations and locations on their websites.

Withdrawal Problems

If your withdrawal request is denied or your account is stopped for trivial reasons, you may have difficulties recovering your funds from Trademaxpro because it has the required business licensure and is not subject to the monitoring or oversight of a major regulatory agency.

It is best to avoid working with brokers who are not officially licenced by a national agency. As a result, all rules and regulations apply to them. Individuals should avoid engaging with licenced brokerages regardless of location.

Doing your homework before putting your money into the hands of an unscrupulous broker can spare you from tragedy and unnecessary hassle.

More information can be found in our article titled “Financial Regulation Authorities.”

Get your investments out of an unregulated broker as soon as feasible. Things have become progressively worse since then.

How To Recover Your Deposits

Zorya Capital is a global financial fraud investigation firm that has assisted Trademaxpro scam victims in recovering their losses. Zorya Capital ( was founded with professional experience and an innovative asset recovery method in order to better protect and assist victims of investment fraud. 

Zorya Capital supported Trademaxpro fraud victims in recovering their losses based on our findings. Zorya Capital is a successful asset recovery company.

What about Wire Transfer  and Cryptocurrency ?

If they refuse to return your money, you have one last option which is go consult asset recovery professionals

The Zorya Capital website,, has information on how to obtain a refund from Trademaxpro.

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