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TradeCaster Review: Why the Future Could be Now

TradeCaster Review: Why the Future Could be Now

There are too many online investing education platforms to count and very few of them incorporate streaming as a teaching method. But TradeCaster does.

Marketing itself as “the first live streaming platform for all traders,” streaming is the rock upon which TradeCaster is built.

In this TradeCaster review, we will break down everything you need to know about–what many believe–is the future of investing education.

TradeCaster 101: What is It?

TradeCaster is an online streaming platform designed by Sean Dekmar in 2018. It is built by traders and for traders, researchers and investors. It provides a comprehensive list of stocks and ETFs both on NASDAQ and NYSE.

The platform caters to both beginners and advanced traders, with its customizable research tools and real-time market data. With its emphasis on streaming–and providing some of the largest chat rooms available–visual learners can watch traders in real-time and profit.

How TradeCaster Works

TradeCaster’s registration process is simple, user-friendly and takes less than a minute to complete. You must provide basic information including your email, name, password and phone number. You can register for free but the best features come with a premium subscription.

One of the most attractive features of TradeCaster is user engagement. The aforementioned chat rooms make it possible for you to interact with the streamer and gain valuable trading strategies and insights.

You also have the option to host your stream and potentially earn some money if you attract an audience.

So via TradeCaster’s live-streaming platform, you can learn or teach others crucial techniques and how to:

  • Grow into a profitable trader
  • Use trade alerts
  • Perform technical analysis
  • Use advanced stock scanners

TradeCaster Review: Our Favorite Features

This wouldn’t be much of a review if we didn’t highlight our favorite features and why we like them. And with TradeCaster, this isn’t hard to do because of the plethora of features it offers. Here are a few that really stand out:

  • Market data – TradeCaster’s interface provides up-to-date market data which includes news, insider trading reports, price targets, earnings and dividends. Describing it as comprehensive may be an understatement given the level of detail it provides.
  • Detailed charts – TradeCaster provides robust technical analysis tools from bar and candlestick charts to moving averages and Bollinger Bands. These charts can be used to analyze price trends and market behavior for any stock or ETF in TradeCaster’s database.
  • Technical indicators – You can choose between 11 technical indicators to add to each chart. These include the Relative Strength Index (RXI), Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) and Stochastic Oscillator.
  • Portfolio Management – You can also track your performance by inputting trades manually or by linking your brokerage account to TradeCaster’s portfolio management feature–a sort of built-in trading journal. It provides analytics including portfolio return, win/loss ratio, average holding period and portfolio volume.
  • Dekmar Trades access – TradeCaster members can get advice straight from Sean Dekmar himself. This can be through messaging with him or in the form of a morning newsletter.

The Honorable Mentions

With the number of features TradeCaster offers, only a few could be considered our favorites. But there’s more.

TradeCaster provides research tools that enable users to analyze the market in detail, making the platform an invaluable resource for effective decision-making. These tools include the earnings calendar, financial statements, SEC filings, and dividend calendars.

The platform’s research tools are comprehensive and you can use them to gain valuable insight into market trends. Given the amount of information available, however, this can be time-consuming.

TradeCaster also has a customer support team that is available to help users with any questions or issues related to the platform. You can contact customer support via email, phone or live chat.

TradeCaster Costs

You can sign up for TradeCaster for free but they also have three tiers of paid subscriptions: Monthly, Semi-Annually and Annually.

The monthly plan will run you $119 per month or $1,428 a year. Semi-annually comes out to $99 a month ($1,190/yr) and the Annual plan is $108 per month ($1,299/yr).

For what it offers, TradeCaster is a cost-effective platform. The pricing structure also favors frequent users or traders. And the level of customization in both the features and the data makes the platform a worthwhile choice for most traders.

The Bottom Line

TradeCaster is a robust, user-friendly platform that provides in-depth data analysis and a well-rounded suite of tools for traders across different levels of experience.

TradeCaster’s value comes from its real-time market data and comprehensive research tools, which provide valuable insights into patterns, trends and making decisive trades.

Whether learning skills or making money, beginner and advanced traders alike can benefit from the TradeCaster platform. Sean Dekmar has built a one-of-a-kind platform that could be the future of investing education.

If you want to be a part of that, click here to get started with TradeCaster.

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