Trade Fighter Brings a Twist to Crypto Volatility by Turning it into a Game

Cryptocurrency volatility has been presented as a scary thing that causes people around the world to lose money. This volatility has caused entire Governments to issue warnings against digital currency investing, saying that investors can suffer massive losses due to the price’s constant switching.

Of course, this is still true, and volatility is a serious matter, which does threaten your money. However, experienced traders know that this is also a massive opportunity to earn, as long as you can make a correct prediction. For traders who know how to accurately predict price movement, volatility is actually a great tool, and one project, Trade Fighter, decided to demystify it by turning it into a game.

What is Trade Fighter and What does it Offer?

Trade Fighter is a new project that allows users to choose between Bulls and Bears. In trading, bulls are those who expect that the prices of assets will go up, so they usually drive the prices up through purchases. Bears, on the other hand, expect prices to start going down, and they usually cause this by selling their positions.

So, the market volatility is actually an endless interaction between bulls and bears. Now, Trade Fighter allows users to make their own price prediction and choose whether they are BULLS or BEARS within its platform. All that users need to do is connect their wallet to the protocol, which is built on Binance Smart Chain. After that, they need to deposit the desired amount in BNB, and then select between bulls and bears.

If the user chooses BULLS, and the price of assets like BTC or ETH does rise, they win rewards. If the price goes down, they lose their investment. The platform allows users to select a specific time frame of their prediction, anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute, up to five minutes. And, that’s it.

These are all very short-term predictions, and users can either win or lose, depending on the accuracy of their prediction. The platform claims that users can “get rich” if they predict correctly, or “get rekt” if they don’t. Luckily, users don’t have to risk a fortune in this prediction game, as Trade Fighter lets them predict with as little as $1. It’s all about showing their skill at predicting the price movement, and potentially earning some money. But, if they lose, the project doesn’t want them to break the bank. 

What Else is there to Know About Trade Fighter?

Trade Fighter is decentralized, which means that it has no control over your funds. Users are connecting their wallets to the protocol, and all the money comes directly from the wallet, meaning that there is no custody option on the platform. In other words, participants never have to deposit money to the platform’s wallet and use it from there.

The project also guarantees big earnings — +97% gain on the amount they enter with, provided that they predict correctly. So, those who enter with $1 can win another dollar. Those who enter with $100 can end up withdrawing $200, and so on. The greater amount, the greater the loss if you lose, but also a greater reward if you win.

This is a very simplified version of trading, it is stripped back and through it’s combination of gamification and intuitive UX it means that it can be used by the lesser and more experienced trader alike.. They do, however, have to make very precise short-term predictions, otherwise they will just lose if they rely on luck. While crypto trading is not a game, there is no reason why one should not be made out of it. And, since users are encouraged to rely on predictions and calculations, rather than blind luck, they have a lot better chance of winning than they would through gambling and regular bets – Trade Fighter is a skill based game.

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