Track What Whales Are Doing With Pepe(PEPE) And Uwerx(WERX)

Pepe(PEPE) And Uwerx

Market activity has been particularly interesting with Uwerx, and the presale has been moving at an unprecedented speed. The token is currently in Stage 4 and is on the brink of starting its Stage 5 presale. The project continues to raise funds as whales enter the project to secure early spots toward launch. 

This is an opportunity for smart investors to get in early and have a market advantage towards launch. Uwerx is bringing a solid utility to the landscape, which could blow up as the market gains momentum.

Whales on Pepe(PEPE)

Pepe(PEPE) is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies this year, and the memecoin is pushing for huge momentum and has reached a $1.8 billion market cap once. The memecoin community consists of huge funds in the market, which is evident in its daily trading volume. Since its launch, PEPE has dominated Dogecoin(DOGE) and Shiba Inu(SHIB) in daily trading volume and promises to do even more.

The narrative for the memecoin is coming together as the next big thing in the coming bull run. Several crypto enthusiasts imagine Pepe(PEPE) will be the biggest memecoin in some months from now. The meme has spread to newly hyped BRC-20 tokens, and the coin craze is creating wealth for Ethereum validators, as recent news reports.

Pepe(PEPE) has immense potential for profit but being a memecoin, but being a memecoin, it comes with some level of risk. We advise you to opt for Uwerx, which is a less risky play on presale and has an even higher potential for profit.

What You Should Know About Uwerx(WERX)

Uwerx is a unique solution to the freelance industry, and the new platform is emerging to become one of the most promising projects we have seen recently. Interestingly, the project is currently on presale, where early investors can earn early access to the platform. The alpha version of the app is launching on Friday, and it would be an exciting testing phase to allow the landscape to see some of the interesting features they can expect at launch.

Uwerx will charge as low as 1% on its new platform, allowing users to keep almost all their money. Compared to other dominant platforms in the industry charging as high as 15%, this is a different approach, and it does give back to the users. Uwerx aims to decentralize the platform, enabling users to have more say over the governance of the project.’

WERX, the native token, will be used for governance; however, Uwerx has already shown signs of community governance before launch. In a recent poll held on Uwerx’s Twitter page, 86.8% of voters voted for Uwerx to lock team tokens right away as opposed to after presale as it was previously scheduled. As soon as it came to a consensus, the decision went into effect.

Uwerx is still on Stage 4 presale, and it sells for $0.0225; the price changes as the stages advance, but you can still snag some tokens at this price and even earn a 20% bonus on your purchase.





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