Trace Network Labs Plans to Revolutionize MetaCommerce and D2C Shopping by Launching PARIZ 

MetaCommerce and D2C Shopping

Trace Network Labs, a leading provider of Metaverse Technology for fashion and lifestyle, has launched PARIZ, a multichain-powered experience of immersive shopping and collaboration, today. PARIZ, a fashion and lifestyle metaverse, promises to empower consumers with a one-of-its-kind blend of the best facets of both physical and digital. 

Trace Network Labs has built its reputation by successfully capitalizing on the power of Web 3.0. While – in the blockchain world – it partners with several industry leaders, including Polygon and Huobi, its league of investors includes multiple forerunners in the ecosystem, including AU21 Capital and OKX Ventures. The imminent launch of 

PARIZ is one among several exciting product and platform launches from Trace Network Labs that aspire to bridge the gap between consumers’ physical and digital lives. 

According to Lokesh Rao, the Trace Network Labs Co-Founder and CEO, PARIZ metaverse aims to build “one single destination for GenZ to live their lifestyle, from where they can also claim products in the real world.”

Understanding how Trace Network Labs plans to actualize its vision requires a deeper understanding of its core components that build PARIZ’s foundation.

The PARIZ Metaverse Ethos: Core Components

Through PARIZ, Trace Network wants to push forward meta commerce. In its effort to radically alter online shopping for the better for brands, including D2C brands, Trace Network Labs is launching Meta Stores for four leading brands in the relevant space, namely Zivame, Da Milano, STYLEUP, and ABFRL. 

Meta Stores are one of the avenues through which Trace Networks wants the concept of Meta Commerce to advance. Meta Stores are virtual retail storefronts in the metaverse, where consumers only need to enter as their digital avatars to interact with products and services. Relevantly, Trace is one of the leading entities in leveraging the concept of digital avatars. Its BUDDY Avatar NFTs are Web 3.0-native, real, human-like, and usable in different metaverses on multiple chains. 

Apart from Meta Stores, another core component that PARIZ and Trace Network Labs heavily rely on is its adoption-centric approach to the metaverse with the larger goal of turning real-life experiences more accessible and user-friendly to the general public. 

One of the functionalities that help achieve accessibility and drive adoption is PARIZ’s plug-and-play integrability of metaverse-to-home capabilities with meta stores. Customers can shop and pay for their fashion and lifestyle purchases online and receive them in the comfort of their homes, translating into an end-to-end metaverse-powered eCommerce experience. 

Since Web 3.0 is the backbone of Trace Network Labs and PARIZ, one of its core benefits also includes the consumer’s ability to shop online without intermediaries. The benefits are multiple. Shopping has become cost-optimized, easy, secure, and accessible. 

With all its benefits, PARIZ promises to open up an efficient armory that empowers D2C brands to augment their positions via MetaStores. There are ample examples of banks that started exclusively online only to later expand into brick-and-mortar stores. 

The advent of PARIZ would be an opportunity for many D2C brands to have a physical presence in the metaverse. The Meta Stores that are scheduled with the launch of PARIZ are expected to offer a seamless user experience for D2C consumers in the metaverse. 

For instance, anyone willing to access the DaMilano MetaStore in PARIZ will have to securely sign in to the brand store for window shopping or social shopping from their home. The latest information on each product will be available 24X7. 

The Added Experience

Over and above what PARIZ has committed on the shopping front, it will also offer a space for events where brands, influencers, artists, and other user hosts can organize events, meetups, shows, and even a fireside chat session with influencers. Corporates can utilize the space for get-togethers. 

PARIZ’ Lounge promises to become an alternative to popular meeting solutions like Google Meet or Zoom. A meeting with your colleagues in your digital avatar in the metaverse can become a few-taps-away solution with PARIZ!

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