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Watch ‘Tour de France 2022’ live free stream cycling – Here’s Race How

“Big Race Cycling 2022!” Days for youThe Tour de France 2022 live free streams online is the pinnacle of professional cycling, offering rewards beyond the prestige of a yellow jersey or global fame. Its 22 teams and 176 riders are competing for a slice of a €2,288,450-sized (US$2.3 million / AU$3.4 million) prize money pie.

How to Watch FREE Tour de France 2022 & Route Start time?

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Date: July 1-24, 2022

Time: Morning

What is the 2022 Tour de France Schedule?

The 2022 Tour de France begins Friday, July 1, in Copenhagen and concludes Sunday, July 24, in Paris. There is one transfer date (Monday, July 4) and two rest days (July 11 and 18).

Live Stream/How to Watch

Eight days of racing, worldwide TV coverage, a €250,000 prize purse, and dynamic, mixed-terrain courses. The 2022 Tour de France Femmes is shaping up to be a great showcasing of women’s cycling, and one we’ve been waiting for since the last official women’s Tour de France was discontinued after 1989.

As we’re counting down the days until the women’s peloton rolls from the Eiffel Tower start line on July 24th, here’s all you need to know about the 2022 Tour de France.

While you may see a lot of references to the “inaugural” Tour de France Femmes, there have been several versions of a women’s Tour de France throughout history, dating back to 1955 with the Leulliot race.

How many Route on Tour De France 2022?

This, however, was just a one-off five-day race organized by journalist and race director Jean Leulliot. A starting list of 41 women contested the race and was won by Manx cyclist Millie Robinson. The race failed to receive financial backing and did not return for a second year.

An official women’s Tour de France was launched in 1984. Organized by the Société du Tour de France in conjunction with the men’s event, the women raced on the same day and same, albeit shortened, routes as the men’s race.

The women raced for 18 stages for a total length of 991 kilometres. By winning that race, American Marianne Martin is widely recognized as the first official women’s Tour de France winner.

Who will Winners  Tour De france 2022?

After two years of a full-length tour, organisers cut the Tour de France Féminin down to two weeks before scrapping the women’s race altogether, citing lack of commercial and media interest. During the six years the race was held, it was very much a battle between the Italian Maria Canins and iconic French racer Jeannie Longo. Canins won the 1985 and 1986 editions while Longo made do with second place. The roles reversed for the next three editions with Longo taking the yellow jersey and Canins in second.

Overall Route / Stage for Tour De france 2022?

Over the years, several other formations of a women’s Tour de France formed, though none were held in conjunction with the men’s event nor held the same prestige. There was the Tour de la C.E.E. Féminin, which ran from 1990 until 1992, and the Tour Cycliste Féminin which later was renamed La Grande Boucle Féminin Internationale after organisers of the Tour de France, Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), claimed trademark infringement. This event featured somewhere between 9 and 13 stages and saw familiar names like Leontien van Moorsel, Nicole Cooke and Emma Pooley victorious. The event decreased in the number of stages and competitors as the years went on, and was discontinued after the 2009 edition.

There was also the Tour de l’Aude Féminin and the Route de France Féminine, both held in Southern France but, again, without affiliation to the Tour de France organisations.

In 2014, a large lobbying effort spearheaded by cyclists Kathryn Bertine, Marianne Vos, Emma Pooley and former world triathlon champion Chrissie Wellington, resulted into the A.S.O organising a single-day La Course by le Tour de France women’s race, held on the cobbles of Champs-Élysées on the same day at the men’s final stage of the Tour de France. La Course continued to be held in various (at times, experimental) formats and locations until the ASO announced its inaugural Tour de France Femmes, the closest thing to an actual women’s Tour de France since 1989.

For mere mortals like you and me, that is a considerable sum. But compared to other major sports, it’s pretty modest prize money. Take as an example the Wimbledon tennis tournament, with a prize pool of  £40,350,000 (€47.6 million / AU$71.3 million), from which the men’s and women’s singles winners will each pocket a novelty-sized cheque for £2,000,000 (€1.98 million / AU$2.96 million).

A like-for-like comparison only goes so far, however, because unlike tennis players, cyclists aren’t surviving on prize money. Riders at the WorldTour level are paid a minimum salary of €40,045 (US$40,230 / AU$59,700; employed) or €65,673 (US$65,980 / AU$97,925; self-employed), with prize money awarded during races being more like a bonus than the main event.

For the Tour de France, all those euros making up the prize pool are sliced into ever-finer increments, spread across competitions within competitions, individual sprints, and classified climbs. By the time the race gets to Paris, each team will walk away with the total of what its riders have earned throughout the race.

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