Toto Steubesand is the Executive Partner of a Full Service Security Company


Times are changing, and more people are leaving their 9-to-5 jobs to pursue careers as entrepreneurs or CEOs. Since the pandemic, the economy has been uncertain, and there has been a significant increase in the number of people starting businesses. Even before the pandemic, Toto Steubesand recognized the value of running a business and using it to develop others who shared his passion for being their best selves and achieving success.

Toto took over as CEO of ZST Security Service Consulting and Technology GmbH in Bordesholm (near Kiel), northern Germany, in 2013, using the skills and knowledge he gained while working in a family laundry business and serving several years in the German Navy. Toto Steubesand initially thought taking over this business would be challenging, but he had enough confidence in himself to push through the obstacles and keep up a business that many customers have come to love and rely on. In 2020, he became an executive partner of the company as a result of his efforts.

ZST Security is a company that not only protects its clients’ homes, but also prioritizes the lives and privacy of its customers and their families. The company provides services such as installing new alarm systems, installing new window locks, providing personal protection, and even dispatching a detective to investigate suspicious events or happenings at a person’s home. Toto and the ZST Security team instill trust in their clients by promising discretion and confidentiality through a top secret process.

In collaboration with AbwehrKraft, the company offers self-defense courses to further assist people by teaching them how to defend themselves in situations where their lives are threatened and time is of the essence. Even so, ZST Security employs cutting-edge security technology to ensure that if an alarm is triggered, a team of security personnel will arrive at the home right away. Toto Steubesand is the leader of a company that considers one’s private space to be a sanctuary and, as such, it is crucial that it is always protected.

ZST Security takes chauffeuring to the next level by not only providing a trained bodyguard to keep the client safe, but also allowing the client to select their preferred mode of transportation, such as a minibus or a limousine. Its goal is to ensure that each service user is free of fear and arrives safely at their destination. In addition, for parents who worry about their kids’ safety when they go out into the world, Toto and his team will keep an eye on them whether they are going to school, playing at the park, going to a friend’s house, or taking the subway.

Toto Steubesand’s other accomplishments include founding his own martial arts academy AbwehrKraft in 2016 and appearing in the Amazon Prime series “Celebrity Hunted Germany” in 2021.

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