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Harrington Group International, or HGI, is an organization that creates software to increase the efficiency of various industries. One particular project they worked on was Harrington Total Quality Management Software (TQM). TQM is a software program that aims to manage all operations necessary to improve the overall quality of products and services. Anyone who has ever read up on management theory or business strategy knows that it’s crucial for businesses large and small to keep track of their key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure they are meeting customer expectations. This will reduce waste (such as reworking products due to poor quality) and save money by reducing costs incurred from less than stellar processes.

Total Quality Management System helps businesses focus on meeting customer satisfaction and helps them achieve these goals through:

  • -Identifying and solving issues that affect the quality
  • -Removing barriers to improved quality
  • -Providing tools for measuring performance, identifying customer needs, developing solutions to meet those needs, ensuring compliance with standards, communicating improved processes and results.

How HGI TQMS Cater to Different Industries:

  1. This product is designed for use in multi-site service organizations or businesses that provide multiple services (e.g., maintenance, installation, training). It comes with different modules, including invoicing, inventory management, project management system, and operation reports.
  2. This product is designed for companies that want to measure their performance using specific customer satisfaction metrics. It also helps them understand what’s important to customers at each stage.
  3. This product is designed for use in manufacturing industries because it can help track production processes from start to finish, ensure quality control throughout the manufacturing stage and identify areas where improvements need to be made. Examples include car, food, or beverage manufacturers.

HGI has always striven for excellence, so they have developed several programs that companies can use to meet industry standards. TQM is just one example. What makes Harrington Group International unique is the ability for their products to sync across different platforms, so all employees are provided with real-time updates. Total Quality Management System (TQMS) is a management philosophy that encourages the fulfillment of quality in products and services. It was developed in the mid-twentieth century. The Harrington Group International manufactures Total Quality Management Software that managers use to manage their employees efficiently.

Features and Functions of HGI Total Quality Management Software

Harrington Total Quality Management System enables companies to track work order metrics, set goals for employees based on these metrics, identify key areas where specific improvements are needed, monitor personnel performance, and provide automated reporting tools so business owners can monitor progress towards objectives easily. The software also empowers organizations with online training modules available 24/7 so employees learn new skills at their own pace while managers can monitor their learning curve through advanced reporting features.

Harrington TQMS works on a subscription basis and comes with an administrator interface that enables managers to monitor workflow easily, assign tasks to employees, analyze performance data for key workflows via charts and graphs. The administrator can view performance statistics quickly by assigning metrics based on specific regions of the company. There are three modules within Harrington TQMS, including Software Administration Module, Workflow Management Module, and Productivity Tracking Module.

Harrington TQMS provides managers with the tools they need to quickly identify any problems within their company to implement corrective measures before it becomes too difficult to manage. The software enables organizations to analyze work order trends over time to establish which areas produce high volumes of disparate or repetitive work orders so processes can be standardized and improve employee efficiency. Once managers have established which processes are not efficient, they can modify these to suit their company’s needs.

The Harrington Total Quality Management System Workflow Management Module enables businesses to create workflows that facilitate better communication between employees while reducing the risk of human errors. It automatically allocates tasks based on specific personnel skillsets, so a workflow is completed faster without sacrificing quality. For example, if an accountant has been assigned a task within a workflow, the software will allocate other accounting tasks to different employees within the organization. The Workflow Management Module also generates detailed reports so managers can analyze how much time was spent by employees on specific tasks and whether or not certain work orders took longer than expected to complete. These reports also track the number of work orders within a workflow to improve process times.

All software is included in a single package with Harrington TQMS instead of being separated into individual modules that require purchasing different licenses if one wishes to use certain features. Rather than having each module built separately and then integrating them, this unique design enables managers to easily access all aspects of their company’s performance information from a single interface at any time. Thus, it saves precious time and cuts down on mistakes made by employees trying to manage multiple interfaces simultaneously. The only other supplier who offers such an integrated solution is Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision).

Why HGI Total Quality Management Software is One of the Best Options in the Market

Total Quality Management System provides managers with a better perspective on how employees perform. Harrington Group international offers proven software and professional services for business process improvement and quality management. Over 45,000 customers have selected proven HGI software to drive higher product quality, lower production costs and increase top line revenue and bottom line profits. The software is currently only available through third-party vendors who sell it with consulting services to ensure organizations have adequate training to implement and use the system effectively.

Total Quality Management System Software Administration Module supports software license management, remote installation, automatic updates for applications and add-ons, and a single product license that allows unlimited use by a single organization to meet budget constraints. The Workflow Management Module provides managers with the tools they need to streamline their workflow processes so employees can be more productive while also reducing human errors, which could potentially cause work orders to be incomplete or of poor quality. The Productivity Tracking Module tracks employee time spent on specific tasks within a workflow to determine whether certain work orders are taking longer than others, allowing managers to modify processes accordingly.

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