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TopStepTrader – You May Have a Chance (or not)

Today’s technologies make it easier than ever to start investing your money. It’s especially true of mobile applications, as they allow us to monitor our investments on the fly. This is handy, for as we all know, the market can shift suddenly and one needs to be there, at the moment of the event, to better secure profits.

But perhaps you feel that you don’t have all the requisite knowledge to start actually wheeling and dealing. You may know a few financial terms, or have a general idea of how things work, but to really turn vague guesses into educated picks, you probably need some advice. Perhaps even some expert opinions.

That’s where a program like TopStepTrader can help. What TopStepTrader does is put its users in the driver’s seat without all the consequences. As a simulator, one gets to experience what it’s like to gun sling without losing real money. It’s all virtual, and it’s a lot of fun.

But hey, we are not in the business of video games here, right? We want to invest and earn real money; that’s the name of the game. And this is exactly where TopStepTrader shines: if you have the knack, it is possible to be rewarded with a full-fledged day trading account.

TopStepTrader, then, is initially a kind of competition between budding day traders. It’s a testing ground, and only the select come out on top. But what a select they are: potentially keeping up to 80% of profits, funded users of TopStepTrader cashed out more than $2 million dollars in 2020.

And things are even brighter for 2021. With the pandemic winding down, profits are there to be had, and a new market landscape is materializing, ripe for people with new ideas. Is becoming a funded trader for TopStep a long shot? Well, that depends on who you are.

Regardless, there is a lot that TopStepTrader offers the newcomer. Even if you don’t make the leap to a fully funded account, there are a slew of benefits attached to giving the 14-day free trial a whirl. Let’s go through some of the more important points.

Features of TopStepTrader

  • Platforms: TopStepTrader supports a whopping 13 different platforms. Their beginner platform, TSTrader, is a great place to start: it contains all the basic charts and options for managing your accounts, and while lacking some features of the more advanced platforms, allows one to get intimate with all the nuts and bolts of day trading.
  • Education and Coaching: This is a spot where TopStepTrader really shines. There are daily live trading classes, courses on trading psychology, and what’s more, the ability to watch seasoned professional’s ply their trade in real-time. Many of these options are free to subscribers, but if you want some extra help, there are even specialized, one-on-one classes for those with more capital.
  • Community: As with all trading applications, this is an important aspect. It’s always nice to feel part of something, and TopStepTrader seems to have cultivated a bona fide community. There is an active chat room where both newbies and veterans alike can trade opinions and strategies. There is also an active Facebook community devoted to TopStep.
  • A Fair Margin: TopStepTrader’s major selling point is that users get to keep the first $5,000 they make in profit, and 80% thereafter. This makes for potentially rich profits for both service and individual. It is what we consider a “win-win” situation.

TopStepTrader Pricing

TopStepTrader offers four different membership options. These correspond to a max buying power, so there is quite a bit of flexibility – it all depends on where you are at in life.

$50k Buying Power – $165/month.

$100k Buying Power – $325/month.

$150k Buying Power – $375/month.

But most importantly, they do offer a 14-day free trial membership. You don’t even have to add any payment information. This makes it so you can log in immediately, get a feel for the software, and begin making some moves.

The Bottom Line

I think it is worth being honest and saying that the chances of becoming a funded trader are slim. Maybe slim is too heavy a word, but it does take some special knack and verve. But hey, that could be you. And if you do become a sponsored, funded trader, the fruits are potentially enormous: imagine working from home, at your own pace, with the world at your fingertips – that’s the life of a successful day trader.

But if anything, the 14-day free trial will give you a feel for how things work, and maybe even a valuable insight or two that will pay dividends. The education seminars and community alone make it worth checking out.

Get on the road to success today: you may be the one.

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