Top Ways To Test For VPN Reliability


Since people use VPNs differently, gauging their effectiveness and reliability is often subjective. VPNs are great at maintaining your online anonymity, but sometimes even the top ones are not infallible. 

The top VPN platforms can be amazing at a job, but totally useless on another. Selecting a suitable platform should then be based on what you want to use it for.  

How do you choose a VPN that works for you?

Common Tests To Verify VPN Reliability

The main aim of any VPN service is to provide online security for its web-surfing clients. However, setting up different VPNs can leave security gaps that leak your data or leave you exposed even when you are on a VPN.

Below are some tests that can be done to tell you if your VPN is protecting you or not.

DNS Leak Test

The domain name system (DNS) is used to give access to websites by translating their domain names to their IP addresses. Normally, your ISP is responsible for doing this. However, when you are on a VPN, your real IP address is masked.

The DNS leak test is performed by connecting to a VPN after which the IP address, location, and other details are tested to see if they match your actual information. If they are, then your DNS is leaking and the VPN is not working effectively.

Use a VPN with its own encrypted DNS system to avoid domain name leaks.

IP Address Leak Test

A study by CSIRO Australia found that 84% of free Android VPNs leak their users’ real IP Addresses.

Test for IP address leaks when VPN is active and when it is reconnecting because most leaked IP addresses occur in the reconnection phase after dropping a connection. 

Effective VPNs often have kill switches that terminate all internet activities after the connection drops.

WebRTC Leak Tests

WebRTC is a real-time communication project that allows web browsers to share P2P files along with voice and video chats within a web browser, without any external plugins or extensions. 

WebRTC leaks occur when your IP Address leaks through the application programming interface.

Consider This When Picking A VPN Provider


User Experience

How easy it is to use a VPN affects the value it provides to the user. Your interaction with the service from when you order it and when you are using it should be an important consideration when purchasing a VPN.

Impact On Internet Speeds

Most VPNs reduce your internet speeds, while a few will increase it. Users with lower bandwidth data packages or those who like their internet speeds maintained at a particular level should pay attention to this aspect.

Choosing A VPN That Works For You

Not all VPNs in the market are effective.

If you are concerned about how reliable your VPN is in relation to solving your specific needs, you should test it through a VPN Testing website. This website contains effective tests for your VPN and research on some reviewed secure VPNs on the market.

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