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With 500 million daily active users, Instagram is the world’s 4th largest social media platform. The popularity increases wildly day by day. 

People use it to share every moment, whether it’s a fun-loving story or their daily chores. When it comes to its true potential, people are now using Instagram to broaden their business reach. 

Approximately 70% of people use Instagram for shopping. But, why is that? The reason is a seamless customer experience. It’s very easy to connect with any business on Instagram, and that’s the reason people use it widely.

use social media for shopping. 

Have you ever wondered how a user finds out whether a business is genuine or fake on Instagram? 

So here is the catch: customers first interact with the post and then check the user bio. Instagram bio acts as the authentication mark for users. 

Just like Facebook stylish bio text art, We came up with the top trendy Instagram VIP bio stylish fonts.

Why Is An Instagram Bio Important?

If you are using social media, you should know how crucial it is to stay active on it. When it comes to social media, Instagram counts as a crucial social media platform among others, not because of its engaging interface but because of its huge popularity among youth. 

From its fun-loving interface to its professional aura, nowadays not only the youth but big businesses also use it to connect with customers. So, your Instagram bio reflects your perspective.

Let’s say you just log in to Instagram and create an account for your company. but forget to create an attention-grabbing Instagram bio. You will find that people are unable to understand you, and consequently, you will find a lot of engagement on your Instagram profile. But you can improve this by incorporating some creative and stylish Instagram VIP bio fonts while creating your Instagram bio.

Instagram VIP Bio Stylish Font For Boy

Whether it’s strength or confidence, there are so many fonts you can use as a boy to improve your Instagram profile.


Normally, this font is for everyone, but if you are a boy with a modern and tech-savvy mindset, this font represents your intent and perspective.

Bold Gothic

This type of font represents a strong yet impactful nature, so it’s best for boys who want to show their bold personalities to the world. Using this font can add a sense of boldness to your Instagram bio.

Italic Serif

If you are a boy with elegance and a masculine personality, then this font is for you. When you incorporate this font style into creating your Instagram bio, it makes your profile elegant and approachable.

Instagram VIP Bio Stylish Font For Boy Attitude

Here are some of the fonts that represent your attitude as a boy.

Graffiti style

If you’re kind of a boy with rebellious but smart abilities, incorporating this type of font style can perfectly match your attitude.

Brush Script

Let’s say you are the kind of boy with an assertive and dynamic attitude. Brush script can add a touch of personal and creative aura.

Shadowed text

This font style is for those boys who have dramatic and striking attitudes. By using this font, you can make your Instagram profile attitude-packed.

Instagram VIP Bio Stylish Font For Girl

So we already enlisted some of the cool Instagram VIP bio stylish fonts for boys. Let’s understand the fonts adorned by mostly girls while creating their Instagram VIP bios.

Cursive Script

If you are a social media girls with a creative mindset, then the font is for you. Using this font can add an elegant and creative touch to your Instagram profile.

Heart Font

Specifically for those girls who have fun-loving, and charming attitudes. Incorporating this type of font can improve their Instagram profile and make it more playful and loving.

Elegant Serif

A timeless font with an elegant appearance. Yes, this font suits everyone. Even with this font, you can add a classy appearance to your profile.

Instagram VIP Bio Stylish Font For Cool

Now let’s discuss some fonts that can make your Instagram profile cool and have flair.

Neon Glow

With its modern and cool look, neon glow is one of the best fonts to craft your Instagram bio.

Retro Style

Retro is always a favorite style of font for everyone. With its carefree appearance, it adds a touch of cool and unique style to your Instagram bio.


In a nutshell, an Instagram bio reflects a clear-cut picture of a person’s personality. Whether you are running your business or want to reflect your personality, it’s a great way to convey the message of your brand. We explained every type of Instagram VIP bio-style font you can use to make your Instagram bio more engaging and beautiful. So, don’t stay behind old and boring fonts; use your favorite fonts to craft your Instagram bio and attract more followers.

FAQs About Instagram VIP Bio Stylish Font

Q1. Which font is best for Instagram bio?

Ans. Here are some of the best fonts you can use to craft your Instagram profile.

Q2. How to put a stylish font in an Instagram bio?

Ans. With these steps, you can easily create an Instagram bio with the font of your choice.

Visit any font generator website.

Write a text you want to transform into your choice of font.

Now you will see your text showcased in different styles of fonts.

Now choose any one font style and copy it.

Open your Instagram app and click on your profile.

Now click on the ‘Edit profile’ option.

Paste it in the font you copied earlier.

Your Instagram bio is ready to show it in the online world.

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