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Top # Travel Destinations for 2023

Travel Destinations

Ryan Kurkut has always been passionate about business, which prompted him to become a business owner. When he’s not working, he loves to travel. He’s provided his top # travel destinations for 2023 for other travel lovers. 

Lafayette, Louisiana 

When you think of Louisiana, you probably think about New Orleans. However, Louisiana has much more to offer. If you want to avoid crowds, you should visit Lafayette. 

The city represents the mantra of the state, which translates to “Let the Good Times Roll.” Mardi Gras is a great time to go, but they have festivals and celebrations year-round. 

According to Ryan Kurkut, there’s no shortage of exciting wildlife in the area, including alligators and a wide variety of birds. You can also get acquainted with Cajun cuisine, from gumbo to Po Boys. 

Copenhagen, Denmark

According to American Express, Copenhagen is listed as the top travel destination of 2023. Ryan Kurkut recommends visiting anytime except during the winter months. 

Copenhagen is known as “the happiest city on earth.” This can be attributed to their shorter work days, free college education, and the importance of relationships. 

The city has an extensive cycling structure, so it’s a great place to visit if you enjoy cycling. It also features world-class Danish cuisine and beautiful historical buildings. 

The best reason to visit Copenhagen is to get to know a slower, and possibly happier way of living and being. 


Bhutan is a Buddhist country nestled in the Himalayas.  It’s one of the least visited tourist destinations in the world. Bhutan takes a quality-over-quantity approach to tourism. 

Bhutan is home to breathtaking Buddhist monasteries. It also features a variety of landscapes, including subtropical and tropical forests to alpine wonderlands. 

The country is 70% forested and the first carbon-negative country. 


If you dream of an ocean island adventure, you should visit Vanuatu. It’s located in the South Pacific. Clear blue waters, beaches, and some of the best diving in the world await. 

The adventurous can hike in rainforests or even an active volcano. Vanuatu residents are friendly and live a slower island-style life. It’s a great place to escape modern life’s hustle and bustle. 

Woodstock, Vermont 

Ryan Kurkut states you don’t have to leave the country to experience a slower way of life. Woodstock has embraced its heritage and history. You’ll find more than historic buildings. You’ll also find farms that recreate the way life was lived in the 1800s. 

It’s located along the Ottauquechee River in the Green Mountains. Thanks to their prolific forests, fall is the most popular time to visit. However, it’s popular all year round. 

Enjoy hiking and cycling, horseback riding, and museums. There’s also skiing in the winter months. 

Ryan Kurkut


Ryan Kurkut graduated from MacEwan University, a competitive school with a degree in business. He’s from Edmonton, Canada. After graduating, he went on to open his own business. He takes on administrative duties daily. 

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